wassupp people? oh god i love you guys! 




and do whatever yall do ;)


Brent took them from him and smiled I carried one “bye, bye” I said taking Hailey’s small hand and took her into her room.

I put the suitcase down and she grinned and screamed “I love it” she said jumping up and down.

I smiled; Brent came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

Hailey was running around the room looking at all the decorations her grin was so big! I was smiling “is it mine?” she asked smiling.

“Of course babe I made-…we made it for you”

She squealed “Thank you, Caydee I love it!” she said hugging my legs.

“well I love you” I said.

“No, I love you” she said.

“I love you more” I insisted

“No I love you more”

“I love you more”

“No I love you more”

“I love you more”

“No I love you more”

“I love you more!!” Brent exclaimed we both looked at him and cocked our head to the side “I was feeling left out of the game so I wanted to join in” he mumbled.

I rolled my eyes at Hailey “sometimes I wonder why I put up with him” I said to Hailey.

She giggled “because you love him” she said.

“How do you know?” I asked raising an eye brow.

“Because you told me” she said.

I nodded “oh yeah, I did, didn’t I?” I said.

She nodded

“But I take that back, he’s a bit of a weirdo” I said.

“Well not a bit he’s a really big weirdo”

“I know right, you should have seen the other day he was like-” I began.

“Girls? Why you talking about me like I aint in the room?” he said frowning.

“Can you shut up? I'm trying to talk to Hailey” I said smiling innocently.

“About me!” he exclaimed “you’re talking about me and I'm right here”

“Alright, alright what’s gotten under your skin?”

“You’re talking about me and I'm right here” he screeched like a girl.

“Oh stop being such a girl” I said.

“Sorry” he mumbled.

“aww babe I was only joking,” I said getting up and pecking his lips “I love you” I said pulling away.

“Love you to” he said.


We were all sitting in front of the T.V watching Are you smarter than a 5 year old? Hailey was sitting in my lap and my head was leaning on Brent’s shoulder if some body walked in we would like a happy family.

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