Ch. 53 The Secret's Out

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The next day, Jake was feeling much better. He was able to sit up in bed.

I walked in that morning.

He smiled, "Good morning."

"Good morning," I smiled, giving him a kiss.

He smiled against my lips. "Oh, a hot doctor just walked into my room."

I smiled, "I'm not your doctor."

"Why not?"

"It's very...traumatizing."

He looked surprised. "Really?" he sadly asked.

"Jake, I took out your gallbladder. I had my hands in one of your body cavities. It's weird and it scared me when I realized it was you."

He took my hand and gave it a squeeze. "You've operated on me before."

"I know, but now I'm your wife. Jake, I don't want to lose you and I almost did."

"You're not going to lose me. I promise, okay?"

I sighed.

"Now, give me a kiss."

I leaned in and gave him a sweet kiss.

He pulled back. "Okay. I love you. Go save a life."

I nodded. "I love you. I'll come check on you in a bit."

He nodded.

I left the room.

Dr. Walker was my attending. He turned to me. "Ready to do rounds?"

"You bet," I smiled.

We began our rounds.

When we got to Jake's room, Dr. Walker looked at me and nodded. "Dr. Hamilton, state the case."

"James Hamilton. Had a fight with a flight of stairs. The stairs won. His rod in his leg was pulled out of place with its securing screws."

He nodded.


"Mr. Hamilton-"

Jake cleared his throat.

I sighed. "I'm sorry. Sgt. Major Hamilton underwent a surgery to correct the rod and screws. He's going to be here until tomorrow or the day after for observation and to begin physical therapy."

He nodded. "Great. You can handle the case then?"

A couple other residents snickered.

"Dr. Walker, I'm not so sure I should be on his case. I-"

"You know the case better than anyone and it's just observations. It'll be an easy day or two."

I nodded.

"Moving on."

He and the group stepped out.

Jake looked at me. "You don't want to work on me?"

"It's not that. I just shouldn't be. It's ethically wrong."

"Why do you think he wants you to have an easy day?"

"He found out about the pregnancy yesterday," I sighed.


I nodded.

He took my hand. "Bridget-"

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