When we First Met Part 1

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I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this story. I do appreciate that you have taken the time out of your lives to do so.

So, Thank you. I hope that you enjoy it and also find yourselves looking for Ron and Margaret's story  In Another Time, which features Bobby, Jarrod, and Donna,  Violet and George.

Getting re-edited, again.

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Any name or place mentioned is purely coincidental and is from my own imagination.

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The story begins...

We all want to have friends. Even if it is just one friend. It's normal to feel that way and I'm no different. As with most families growing up, our friends start out by coming from among your relatives, mainly your cousins. 

Even though I had many, most were influenced by just one of our cousins, Rachel. She was the prettiest of all of us girls and she always let us know it.

My mumma said she was spoilt and needed a good spanking to set her straight. But Rachel's daddy said he had to make up for his little girl not having a mummy since hers died when she was born. 

So whatever Rachel wanted, Rachelle got.

Going to school was sometimes hard because everytime we had friends, Rachel would come and tell them stories that weren't true about us and then the friends we had would leave us and be Rachel's friends from then on. 

She especially liked to take any friends that I had. So most of the time I would be alone. But one day that changed. It changed when Mack came to our school. 

We first knew of him when he walked into our class with Mrs Dee, the office lady. After she left, our teacher Ms Kook called us to pay attention. 

"All right kids, this new student is Gaije MacNulty. Let's be nice and welcome him." She said. " Go find a seat Gaije somewhere." She added motioning him towards the back of the class. 

Next thing I notice is that the chair besides me gets pulled out. Looking next to me, I see the new kid making himself comfortable and organising his school desk. 

"Hello, I'm Mack." He says to me with a smile. I thought he was cute.

"My name is Jenny." I said back at him with a small smile. That was the first time I met Mack. "Why do you call yourself Mack when your name is Gaije?" I asked him quietly.

"Not many people like my first name, so I just tell people to call me Mack." He said back to me quietly.

"Miss Kook, Jenny and Gaije are talking disturbing us." Rachel said out loud for everyone to hear causing the teacher to look at us. Mack didn't say anything. Not that it didn't stop me.

"Sorry Miss, We was just introducing ourselves to each other quietly so we didn't disturb anyone. I'm amazed that my cousin can hear us from right across the class when you're standing closer and you didn't hear us. But we are sorry if we disturbed you Miss." I went on to say to the teacher with an apologetic look on my face. 

Around us we could hear some snickers from some of the boys and a few giggles from the girls. Of course my cousin Rachel didn't smile. She just gave us a hateful look when she gets called out about something that makes her look like a fool.

"Well then, you can be quiet for now and introduce yourself to everyone later when you are on your own time. Not right now." Ms Kook said from the front of the class as she looked out over the heads of the other kids to us.

"Thank you Miss." Both Mack and I said before we turned to each other and smiled. I then felt a knee nudge me under the table which surprised me, but I didn't respond. I wasn't game to.

Glancing across to my cousin, I could see she wasn't happy with how that turned out. She really doesn't like it when someone makes a fool of her.

It wasn't long before class had finished and we had recess for morning tea. Grabbing my bag, I made to get up and go find my usual spot under one of the trees in the yard, but before I could move away a voice spoke to me.

"Can I join you? You're the only one I know here." Mack asked me with a hopeful look on his face.

"You might regret it." I said to him quietly beginning to walk out the door.

"Hello Gaije. Why don't you join us for recess. We can tell you all about the school and who to avoid." Rachel was saying in her usual sweet but sickly voice glancing at me when she said that last part.

"No Thanks. Jenny here is showing me around." I was surprised when he said that. Especially when I didn't offer to do anything with him.

"You might not like that. My cousin could get you into trouble." Rachel went on to say to him looking at me when she said that.

"Well, so far, the only one who has gotten me into trouble since I've been here is you." Mack said looking at her as if she was a bug he wanted to squash. "Excuse us, we have things to do." He added when he grabbed my arm and pulled me away from my cousin and her friends.

"She isn't going to like that you decided to stay with me. Whatever my cousin wants she gets." I said to him quietly.

"Well, she's not getting me. I don't like her and her ugly friends." Mack said and not too quiet either. I'm sure the others heard him say that too as we walked away to find ourselves outside and going over to my usual tree to sit under.

Of course, a few other kids came over and wanted to know who Mack was. Some gave him invitations to some after school activities and others invited him to go and join them. He politely declined them all and stayed sitting with me which really did surprise me.

"What?" He asked when I couldn't stop looking at him like a bug under a microscope.

"I've never met anyone who declined going off with others away from me before. " I was saying. "You can go if you want to. I don't mind." I added.

He puts down his apple that he had begun eating and looked at me. "If I had wanted to go with any of them, I would have. But I wanted to stay with you." he just plainly said.

"But why?" I asked him quietly not looking at him.

"Because when I came into the class room, you didn't look around to see me there or wanted to know who I was. You were just sitting there looking out the window with a smile on your face. I wanted to know what you were thinking that caused you to smile like you did. ." He was saying which surprised me. I didn't think anyone noticed me looking out the window day dreaming.

Those words had me looking up at him and seeing his smiling at me. I Think I have got my very first friend and in the years to come, he showed me that he was my friend. My best friend.

The friend you have when you do those first things with. First movie. First sleep over. First shopping spree on your own. You even share you first kiss, and more.  Mack was my first love. My only love. He was the one I dreamed about growing old with and having a family with.

What I didn't know was that all that would change just before my fifteenth birthday when my life was cruelly ripped apart. 

Read on to find out how that happened and what eventually became of all of us.

It begins like this...

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