Chapter 63 ~ Halloween Special Part 4

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Chrissy POV:

I walked inside my house and was about to run upstairs to finally relax after a long day of Sam watching me at times like I would do something but right when I was halfway up the stairs..

"Christian! There you are." My dad's voice said. I breathed in trying not to attack my dad for interrupting my almost relaxing time. I turned around and smiled.


"For this Halloween the family is having a ball tomorrow night, its themed as old fashioned." He smiled.

"Oh like you." His smile dropped a tad before picking up again.

"I expect you to be there and invite your uncle and his family for me will you?" Okay now I'm awake fully and all that jazz. Why is he inviting them? He don't even like his brother.

"Why I thought you didn't like "

"Yes well this ball is going to be competing with the Johnsons summer ball. We need more guests. In fact invite all your friends and the whole town, you can even help pay for their suites and dresses or in Billy's case personal dresser." Of course. He doesn't like his family unless he needs someone.

"Well you know what I think? I think that more towns people would come if you invited them not me."

"Nonsense everyone knows you and should be flattered go come to this ball." I rolled my eyes. He's obviously not getting what I'm saying.. Half the town don't like me, not that I care but still no ones going to show up. Well maybe I could invite the pale faces too and Swan. Maybe even the Cullen's. That would be amazing to see that interaction.

"Sure of course." I said and ran upstairs into my room. I sat on my computer chair, okay time to try to email crap only the schools have this email stuff. Fine I will make posters and actual invitations that will work. Make everyone feel special in a good way not that they aren't.. I'm turning into my dad. I sighed and continued working on these. Okay here we go its all done. I smiled. So I had to bribe half the town to come which sucks but still they all got a kick out of it. It meaning me begging them to come. The night of the ball came and I was in my room getting ready looking old fashiony if that's a word.. Still I looked good in a not cocky or conceited way. My dad stuck me outside with security greeting everyone saying 'I'm so glad you could make it please come in and enjoy yourself at the Hernandez family Halloween ball' yeah pretty cheesy right? I think so. Anyway when I say I had to great everyone I meant even the pack to which they ended up laughing at me which then lead me to growl at them causing them to run inside while Sam calmly walked inside. I walked inside finally after staying outside in the cold it was really cold I really felt it too. I walked into the small hall you are in before you enter the giant ball room, I froze and leaned against the wall looking around. Nothing was like it was before I could hear yelling and glasses breaking and all kinds of other things coming from inside. I pushed myself off of the wall and ran inside, there was shenanigans happening all around me except it wasn't from people only the yelling, all the glasses breaking and loud crashes were happening on their own. I mean plates were smashing on the floor from floating in the air, tables were rolling around crashing into walls and people, instruments were playing loudly with no people, and knifes they were floating in the air trapping some against walls. I looked around with cautious eyes looking for someone who could possibly be doing this. A warlock or witch hiding ruining my dad's ball but I couldn't see anyone. I could feel myself being watched and my eyes landed on Sam who sat there glaring at me he looked as if he was about to attack. No. I, I can't be doing this.. It's not me! It can't be! I feel nothing I literally feel normal no pain no anger no emotion what's so ever. How would it be me? It seemed as if the room started spinning with everything going on and I could feel myself become light headed before I could start to smell blood. I could hear the screams of my sister, I turned to look at her to see her eyes fill up with tears. I looked to the pack and saw them in shock. I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall before opening my eyes once again and kept looking around. I could hear screams loud screams, I reached my hands up and covered my ears, closing my eyes and and sliding down the wall. Make it all stop! I don't like the screams make them stop! I could feel the tears running down my face as I heard everyone yell and scream. I can't breath. I can't breath! Fuck! I grabbed my throat and tried breathing in and out. I began choking and choking until something came out rolling down my chin I reached my hand up and wiped it. Blood. I wiped moth again, its blood more and more blood. I gasped. What's happening! Why is there blood? Why can't I breath? I looked down.. Knifes. There is three knifes stabbed into me. I did this I did it all! Why can't I feel it? I looked up and made eye contact with him before my eyes closed and everything went black.

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