Part 5.

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We arrive at our new house. The moving truck is already here and they have started unpacking stuff. Me, mom and Ashton walk into out house and stare in awe. It's a 5 bedroom house and each has their on bathroom. "It's so beautiful" I say. "Like you" I hear Ashton say under his breath. I look at my feet and smile. "You really like it?" Mom asks. "It's great mom. I'm going to go find my room." I say, grab my bags and run up the stairs. I get to the top and call for Ashton. "Ash you want to help me unpack?" He grins grabs a few boxes and runs up the stairs. I look in 2 of the bedrooms before I find mine. It's painted a Navy blue color. (My favorite color👍🏼) My bed, vanity and dresser are already set up so I begin to unpack my clothes and fold them perfectly. Ashton sets the boxes down that he had and jumps on my bed. I begin to laugh when he hits his head on the wall. "Ouch." Ashton says. I crawl on the bed and put my hand on his head. "Are you okay, Ash?" I say while giggling. He nods and grabs my hand off of his head and intertwines his fingers in mine. "Can I tell you something Jenn?" Ashton says while looking me in the eyes. "Yeah sure." Ashton looks at our hands intertwined and then looked back into my eyes. "You're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." I blush and then smile. "Thank you Ash. You're so sweet." I stand up off of my bed and lean down to kiss him next to his lips. I then graze my hand across his dîck. His eyes widen. "Oops." I say with a smirk and walk out of my room leaving Ashton sitting there. I walk into the kitchen and mom is almost done setting it up. "Where's Ashton?" Mom asks. "Oh, I think he's in the bathroom." I lie. "Okay well I'm making spaghetti tonight. Ask Ashton if he would like to stay for dinner." I nod and walk up the stairs. I walk into my room and see that's he's not there. "Ashton?" I look in my bathroom and he's not there either. I hear something behind me and I turn around. Nothing. So I walk over to my closet and slowly open it. As I get the door fully open someone grabs me and pulls me in there and closes the door. I start to scream. The light gets turned on and I see that it's Ashton. He starts laughing hard. I hit him in the chest. "Ashton why the fuçk would you do that?" "Hey. Don't swear." (I love the way Ashton says swear btw) I roll my eyes. "So mom sent me up here to ask if you want to stay for dinner." "I would love to." "Wait so what are yo-" Ashton interrupts me by grabbing my waist and he kisses my neck. My eyes immediately close and I tilt my head so he has better access. He then stops and I whimper at the loss of contact. "That's payback for earlier." He smirks and walks out. This boy will be the death of me.

Yay I finally updated. Sorry it took me forever. I really am sorry. But here's a surprise one. There will be another one hopefully soon. 🙂🙂

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