Eliza~Fights, Sorrys, Kisses, & Revenge

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Imma make this quick. So sorry this update took forever I have finals coming up and I had (have) to study. I'm really excited about this new update. Hopefully you guys love Carlos and Eliza as much as I do. I might have said that already but...whatever!! I love reading comments and reading your opinions and everything so feel free! Thanks to all my readers for..reading!!

"I hate you then I love you. It's like I want to throw you off a cliff, then rush to the bottom to catch you,"~

"If payback is a bitch, and revenge is sweet then I must be the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet."

I rushed towards him without thinking, my body was on autopilot.

I was just so angry and conflicted. He just act like nothing happened after... after he would brush his hand down my arm, or lean close and whisper in my ear seductively..and he can't just do that! And then pretend like we are friends and nothing happened!

One moment we are in McDonald's and he wants me to forget about what happened by the lake then the next moment he announces to the whole cafeteria that we made out. And then he'll do little things like get annoyed when Gianna and I gush over an actor in class. And then just now in the cafeteria when he was trying to preach to me about basically being a hoe!! And how I should have learned my lesson! Well I'm about to teach him one.

Carlos catches my right hand when I raise it. I huff and drop my backpack so I can use the other. He grabs that arm to and I am stuck.

"Let go" I bit out.

"No" he said amused.

My chest was rising and falling fast from the spurts of adrenaline. My nose flared and my teeth ground together. Fuck! Why does he make me so angry?!

Carlos's face lost all amusement and he soothingly said, "Eliza, take a deep breath"

I knew I needed to calm down so I did what he said. I let in air through my nose and slowly out through my mouth. I felt my tense shoulders relax, and my stiff spine followed the lead. I was very aware of his thumb circling my wrist where he was gripping lightly now. I bet if I wanted to I could have pulled out of his grip now. But... I liked his touch. As much as I didn't want to.

Now that most of the anger was drained out of me I was left with hurt.

"You told everyone" I said quietly. My eyes cast to the side. There was no way I was gonna show my hurt and humiliation to him.

Carlos released his hold on my arms and moved them to cup my chin. He slowly turned my head to meet his eyes. Reluctantly I let him.

I watched his eyes soften. "I know, I'm...sorry. I was angry and it...slipped out,"

That was his excuse? He was angry?! Why is that always the case whenever something happens?

I jerked my chin out of his grip and my eyes narrowed.

"You know this has become quite the habit, you just saying or doing shit when you are angry! And I'm getting so damn tired of it Carlos," I said.

He growled and I watched his eyes flare.

"What the fuck? This is what I get when I apologize?!" he spit stepping back and dragging his hands murderously through his hair.

"Yes, this is what you get!"I barked throwing my hands in the air. "What did you expect? You're constantly playing with my emotions and messing with my mind!" I yell no longer caring about the volume of my voice.

"Fuck Eliza! You know what you deserve it. You fucking deserve it! You don't get to just invade my thoughts every damn day and walk down the halls without a care in the world, completely and utterly oblivious!" he shouted. His breathing was now ragged. And it seems like his anger betrayed him again, because by the look on his face he was not supposed to say that. To be honest he looked so beautiful right now with his black curls all over the place. And the sun streaming through the stairway window was illuminating his golden skin. I love when it does that.

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