The "street racers" AU

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Prompt: street racing gang

"So where is he?" Kate whispered to the burly Harley-Davidson rider standing next to her. "The brutal gang leader who everyone is terrified of? Galloway something?"

"Don't say his name," the biker hissed, looking around nervously. "He has spieseverywhere." He gestured towards the cluster of motorbikes surrounding a pimped out green camaro, tattoos on his forearm flexing. "That's his ride."

Kate balanced on her toes, peering over bald heads to try and make out the fearsome Matthew Galloway. She caught a glimpse of lean limbs, fluffy brown hair curling up the wind of the underpass, and a set of long fingers pushing up the rim of his glasses.

"That's him?" she snorted. "He looks like a primary school teacher."

"Trust me," the biker said, still looking around for eavesdroppers. "He's scarier than he looks. I feel sorry for whoever he's racing tonight – that engine is unstoppable."

Kate grinned toothily. "Don't worry. He's racing me."

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