Prologue - Family Gathering

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!Please read !

I started writing this book so long ago, it's a strange feeling looking back on the old vs new comments. I know a lot of people are attacking me for the crappy scenes and flaws but I know guys, chill😂 I've gotten much better and some of the pictures I uploaded were ugly ( the outfits and songs make me wanna shove my head through a wall) and there were a few cliches, but hey it's fine.

Hope you all have a good day, and I KNOW ITS NOT THE BEST OK IM SORRY I'm trying to end a writer's block (and failing)

Reading this back I keep cringing so many times and I deserve the harsh comments tbh, but I hope some people can learn to let that go and just enjoy my weird cringey, and FIRST, full story on Wattpad I wrote in freshman year going into sophomore year :)

I remember sitting in health class seeing my book get 6,000 reads and I literally almost cried and shit myself. Ok maybe not shit, that's gross. But you guys are the only reason I write sometimes and I luv you all.



!! PLEASE KNOW THIS BOOK USES WHAT I CALL "SPONGEBOB LOGIC' AND IS UNREALISTIC. USE YOUR IMAGINATION. I'm tired of people saying its "unrealistic", it's about werewolves and mermaids for christ's sake lmao. !!


"Ah! Mason!" I squeal as he throws cake at me.

Mason laughs at the cake in my hair and swims over to the cupcakes where Flip is. He whispers something into his ear and Flip, being the sneaky dolphin he is, nods his head and looks at me mischievously. They both grab the platter of cupcakes my mother made and smashes them onto my head. I try to swim away, but I'm too late. Next thing I know, I'm covered head-to-toe in cupcakes, the frosting stuck in my golden locks and sticking to my scales.

"I'm going to get you for that!" I yell at them before I give me best warrior scream and grab the seaweed punch, splashing it onto Mason and Flip.

Flip lets out his high-pitched squeak and Mason screams like a little girl yelling "I'm melting! I'm melting!"

I start laughing at my work but before I could bask in my glory, Mason swims in front of me in an instant and tackles me to the ground. We start rolling around in the sand and Mason pins himself on top of me and starts his revenge by tickling me. Me, being the very ticklish person I am, starts laughing, begging him to stop. Flip, after getting the punch out of his eyes finally, swims over and uses his fins to tickle me. Since Flip has fins that are slippery, they tickle much more and soon my laughing turns into gasps of air from laughing so hard.

"Alright! That's enough! Let your sister go!" My father yells as he enters the kitchen.

Flip gets off and so does my brother while I lay on the ground still trying to catch my breath.

"Apologize to your sister and then join us outside with the rest of the family."

"What! She started it!" Mason yelled pointing an accusing finger at me. Flip chirps in agreement.

"No, I didn't!" I yell from the floor.

I stand up and brush the sand off that stuck to my scales and begin to work on getting the frosting out of my hair.

"Yes, you did! Don't you see the punch all over me?!" Mason yelled, still sticking to his defense.

I put on my puppy eyes and swam up in front of my dad.

"He got cupcake all in my hair and tackled me to the ground for no reason ruining my hair I did just for the party! I didn't do anything wrong, I only threw a punch in self-defense." I said in an innocent tone of voice.

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