Can't Turn These Feelings Off.

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I've avoided V all week

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I've avoided V all week. I told myself this couldn't happen. I cannot have a thing for my best friend's little sister. That's some kind of unspoken rule. I even went out with some girl Vance was pushin' my way, claiming she was an amazing lay. I wouldn't know, I couldn't sleep with her. I made plans to meet up with Vance this week to look over my car. I wasn't sure if V would be there and if I really didn't want to see her I could've asked if she was working. I decided to leave it up to fate.

As it seems, fate is on my side or not, depending on how you look at it. When I pulled up, V came out of the office and I couldn't stop the smile that formed on my face. The fact that she's so into cars is extremely sexy. She was always a bit of a tom boy, but that would happen with four brothers. She may still be that tom boy, but she definitely grew into her own. Her face was lit up in awe, over my car and I couldn't help but feel proud. 'that's right! This beast is mine, love me now.' the caveman thoughts clouded my mind.

When she caught me staring the first time, I'll admit, I was a little embarrassed. The second time, not at all. During our little chat, and her little 'that's what she said' dig. I couldn't help my instincts to flirt with her. I wanted to pin her against my car, and make babies with our tongues. Just thinking about it gave me a chub. When she left, I was bummed, yet relieved. Such conflicting reactions, but I can't focus with her around. Vance was prattling on about something, and an idea just popped into my head, "Yo" I said completely cutting him off. "We should hit the lake next weekend!"

He looks at me oddly, because it literally came out of no where. "Yeah, sure." 

"The whole gang!" I'm getting excited at the possibility to be around V, in a bathing suit. "Invite your brothers, V, even Taylor and her boyfriend."

"Nah, man. Taylor and Jeremy are too much together." He starts to mimic them, 'oh baby, I love you.' 'no, no I love you more baby.' then starts making kissing noises. He puckers his lips and moves my way.

I laugh and push him away, "Okay! I got it! No Taylor and Jeremy. I don't care who comes, it'll be a good time."

"Okay. I'm in. I'll let them all know."

A rumble came from the distance, and Vin's black Audi pulls up. The engine cut, and the driver door opened. "What are you knuckle heads doing?" Vin yells as he approaches us, he reaches out his hand, and I smack it with mine. Apparently Vin had the night off, that's why we planned for Thursday, because Vance was being to be here. Vin still showed up.

We spent the next hour planning out what parts I need to make this overhaul happen. Car parts are the most exciting packages to receive, it's even better when you can get a discount (because of Vin running the garage). Vin moves his car so I could back out. I got out of my car, leaving it run while Vance closed up, my headlights providing him some light. Vin strolls over, his car still running too.

"Man, I'm excited! This is going to turn out nice!" He praised the car a couple times while we spoke over some details. I laugh, "I know man! Thanks for helping out!"

"No problem man. Well I'm out.."

"Alright dude." 

We smack hands, he heads back to his car. Vance comes out of the side door on the garage and jogs the rest of the way to me.

"You planning on comin' out to the track tomorrow night with us?"

"Yeah Definitely! I want get a good run in before we do this overhaul."

He nods, "Yeah, that's a good idea. You wanna hit up the field then afterward."

I kinda cringe. Going back there the night I came home wasn't quite the same. While we were in school, it wasn't a question. We were always at the track, and then partying at the field. The track is for everyone of all ages. Young, old, parents, teachers, grandparents, it didn't matter. The field was a little different. Being there again, It made me feel old, which is depressing because I'm not old! The crowd was a bit young, some too young. It seemed that there wasn't too many people our age at the field that night. I didn't realize how much things can change in a year, but V's a prime example.

"Man you gotta come. No pun intended. I gotta keep an eye on V."

"How? You spend most of the night with your tongue down some chicks throat."

He laughs, "Yeah, well me just being there scares them."

"She's gotta hate you." I said joking which made him grunt.

"Probably, but man...the guys here are scum."

I give him a dirty look, "Speak for yourself dude."

"Not you, but I know you wouldn't do that. You don't count. But remember how we were in school? We fucked anything with a skirt."

"You still do, man."

He laughed at that, "True." He's quiet for a second, "She's a good girl. She has goals and I don't want any guy messing that up for her."

"She's smart Vance, I don't think she'd allow that to happen. I mean, what happens when she goes off to college? You can't be at every party and I think guys are even worse there." Saying this irritated me, because you hear stories all the time. The thought of some guy putting his hands on her, yeah that didn't fly with me.

"Fuck man. It looks like I'm going to college then." He laughs and I just shake my head.

I sigh, "Yeah, man I'll go with you."

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to go, just to hang out with V a little or even help Vance keep the little peckers away from her. I feel incredibly guilty after the crap he just spewed to me, but I just can't turn these feelings off.

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