Might Just Make it

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I woke up in a cosy bed. I heard some people bickering outside of my room. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hey, Y/N... Wake up!" Millah's voice whispered.

I opened my eyes to see Millah standing over me. "What?" I muttered.

"Come on sleepy head! It's almost 12:00 in the noon! I thought you were dead for a second!"

"12?" I mumbled.

"Yeah to get up." Millah crossed her arms.

"But I'm so comfy..." I sighed.

Then Millah grabbed a sweet roll from the end table and threw it at my head.


"Now get up before we have to rent this room for another day, just because you won't get out of the bed..." She huffed, and walked over to me.

"Alright..." I say, defeated.

Millah then grabs my hand, and woth all her strength she yanks me off the bed. I thud to the floor.

"Get moving faster!" Millah smirked.

"Ouch... That actually kinda hurt..." I say sitting up and rubbing the back of my head.

"Well I'd get ready soon, someone who looks like your man is here..." Millah giggled.

"What?! Millah!" I say shocked.

Millah ended up giggling more.

"You can't say stuff like that in public, you know?" I mutter, flustered.

"Oh yeah... You're suppose to be a... Man... Wait, how does the boob thing work? Or were you just flat chested like me, or you're really muscular, and have pecks instead of boobs, or-"

"Millah..." I raise an eyebrow at her, and tighten my mask. I stand up, and pull my hood more over my face.

"Sorry..." Millah muttered.

"It's alright...." I sigh, pulling my boots on. "You hungry?" I ask, eating the sweet roll she threw at my head minutes ago.

"No, I ate while you were sleeping..." She said, putting her satchel on, and flicking up her mages hood.

"Okay, let's get going then, I'm sure we could cut some lumber..."

"What about the Companions?" Millah furrowed her brow.

"I- ummm..."

"That's were we are going, come on, I know where it is!" Millah smiled, held my hand, and dragged me down the stairs with her.

In a corner table I saw a man who liked a lot like who I saw yesterday, but with longer hair. I was guessing they were possibly brothers.

Still, Millah dragged me along, and out the door. She kept dragging me along with her until we reached a large building, that kinda looked like an upside down ship. She opened the door, and dragged me in. She then, walked towards this woman who had green war paint slashed on her face, and medium red hair.

"Hey, do you know where Kodlak is right now?" She asked very politely, which was very unlike her.

"Hmm?" The woman turned around and then looked at me.
"Oh, you must be the two Vilkas was talking about!" She chuckled. "Kodlak is in there, at the end of the hall." Pointed to a door, that was at the bottom if a stairway.

"Thank you." Millah smiled, and dragged me with her again. We opened the door, just while we walked in we heard a fist fight starting, but we paid no mind to it, and continued walking.

We then walked into a room with who I was assuming was Kodlak, and the man I saw yesterday, who the woman called Vilkas.

We heard distant mutters of their conversation, and when they stopped talking we walked in.

I saw Vilkas look up at me, and then Kodlak smiled.

"Oh, you must be the dark elf Vilkas has been talking about!" Kodlak chuckled.

"I suppose I am..." I fake laughed.

"Hmm, you have a certain... Strength in spirit..." He mummered. I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be a compliment or not.

Millah giggled a bit.

"It takes more than spirit, Kodlak..." Vilkas muttered.

"Oh yes, How are you in battle?" Kodlak asked.

"I could be better." I said quietly, hoping I said the right answer.

"Ah, that's the spirit, lad!" Kodlak chuckled. "Vilkas why don't you check his arm?"

"Aye." Vilkas said, and stood up. "Follow me." He said as he began walking.

*time skip to when you're outside*

Millah sat on a nearby chair, while I kept following Vilkas.

"Alright, just go for a couple of swings, don't worry, I can take it." Vilkas smirked

*3 hours later*

"You're good, you might just make it... I haven't had a fight like that in a long time." Vilkas chuckled.

"Yeah, so much for a few swings." I laughed.

"Oh, sorry about that..." He muttered, sightly embarrassed.

"No, it's fine, I needed the training..." I smile.

"Good, now here, take my sword up to the smith there, and be careful, it's probably worth more than you." He chuckled again, handing me his sword.

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