Different: A SkyDoesMinecraft Fanfic

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Sky sat up immediately as his alarm went off.

" No! I'm late!" He cried, jumping out of bed. He quickly brushed his hair and raced out the door. His friends AntVenom, Deadlox, HuskyMudkipz, Asf Jerome, TrueMU, SetoSorcerer and Dawnables were waiting outside his door.

" Adam, where have you been? We need to go!" Ty exclaimed. They all had code names, just incase.

" Where exactly are we going?" Sky asked. Jason slung his bag over his shoulder.

" Celestia. We have to go pick up some supplies for Sky Army." He explained. Sky nodded.

" We have to be back by sunset. Lets go!" Jerome said, beginning to walk away. They all exchanged glances and headed off after him. Sky ran up beside Jerome.

" What are we getting from Celestia?" He asked. Jerome sighed.

" Medicine, building supplies, potions, weapons and food." He answered. Sky nodded. They walked for awhile until Dawn tugged on Sky's arm.

" Adam, look at that!" She said, pointing in the direction of Celestia. They all looked up. Smoke rose from that side of the valley and flames licked the sky.

" Should we head back?" Seto asked. Sky shook his head.

" We need to go see if everybody's alright." He corrected. Jerome and Husky exchanged a worried glance before they all started heading off after their friend.

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