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"What are you talking about?" My brows immediately furrowing at Harry who I could tell was beating around the bush. I always knew when Harry didn't want to come out with something completely because he would pace around and get off track on what he was saying.

"I'm being promoted." He came out still not making complete eye contact, I knew there was more to this then what he was letting on.

"That's great Harry!" I hugged him feeling how his arms loosely wrapped around me without much emotion. There was definitely something more to all this that he wasn't telling me for reasons I was unsure of at the moment. Pulling away from the hug he stepped back a few steps and looked at me in the eyes with an unreadable expression. "What's going on? You should be happy!"

"That's not all." His eyes were then again cast down, hiding away from what he had to say.

"Just tell me!" I pressed annoyed how he was making me ask more questions then I felt was necessary. I didn't like how I was having to ask him follow up questions to everything he was telling me.

"They are stationing me in London." Harry blurted out seeing I was becoming increasingly aggravated by all of these inquires.

"What?" I took a double take feeling my chest swell from the unexpected news that had just fallen on my shoulders. We were going to have to move to London?

"Most of the work I would be doing is over there." Harry explained to me, my senses all heightened from what I was hearing. My whole life was going to change, I couldn't move to London!

"Harry, my whole life is here! My job, my friends, and our families might I add!" The stress racing in my body continuing to cause swelling inside me like a balloon being inflated. I saw he was trying to stay calm and talk this all out but I was not in a state to be reasonable.

"I know you have worked extremely hard to get where you are now but, London has great ballet schools. With your experience and talent any school would be lucky to have you." Harry took a few steps towards me causing my feet to do the opposite.

"No! I have worked my ass of to get where I am, this wasn't something I was just given! You're asking me to throw away my dream Harry!" Tears welled into my eyes while my cheeks flushed red with anger. Emotions of anger and rage put me over the edge while the defeat and sadness pushed me over. It was as if a waved pushed me over the edge without any effort at all to knock me off balance.

"Just give London a chance, if we find that it's not working out then we can always come back home." His green eyes scanning my face to see the tears falling down my cheek just analyzing all of this.

"What is the point in that? Once I resign they aren't going to want me back, they will replace me just like that!" I snapped my fingers imagining how quickly they could find someone to replace my talent.

"Amelia-" Harry wanted so much to comfort my ever tensing body but I refused to let him come any closer to me. Stepping away from the heat between us I turned and found myself searching for my car keys in the kitchen.

Finding them in my purse I clutched them in my hand while I started on my path to the car. I needed time to think this all over, to clear my mind of all the clutter that was clouding it. Hearing steps behind me I heard Harry's voice alert me.

"Amelia! Where the hell are you going?" Harry shouted once I had ran out into a raging storm outside.

The rain crashing against the pavement while the lightning lit up the darkening blue sky. The stars hidden by the thick black clouds that were accompanied with harsh winds and pelting rain. Not even taking a second look at the situation outside I was quick to get inside the car and lock the doors. I looked up at Harry's stature once I was buckled and the engine to the car ignited with a turn of the key.

"It's a mess out there!" Harry shouted at me from my enclosed space. Turning my attention I twisted my body to back out of the parking space of our apartment, the rain beginning to tap harshly against the metal of the car.

Pulling away I noticed how intense the rain had become, how dark the skies were shaded. My eyes were on the road cautious of the weather outside yet my mind was else where. My eyes clouded with my tears that began to puddle inside, I felt as though I was about to lose everything.

Everything I had worked for was vanishing into thin air. The city that held all my dreams was fading away from my vision like a ghost. I couldn't help but feel defeated in all of this, I knew this was important to Harry but what about me? Didn't I matter in this situation? Was I even consider with any of this? Why couldn't have things been different? I wished that it all would have been different.

What would have happened if Harry wasn't a pilot? Would things have been completely different for the both of us? Would we still continue to live out the rest of our lives in New York City or would his other potential job lead us back anyway. Harry was born and partly raised in England, so was it just a matter of time before we moved there anyway?

I had worked so hard to get a job at "The Point". The Point was a prestigious ballet school where I had from much dedication gained a job. I worked as a choreographer for girls ages four to seventeen, my dancers were among the best companies for their age groups. Not only was I a choreographer but I also was working towards dancing for the New York City Ballet company. Ever since I was a little girl I had dreamed of dancing on stage with the New York City Ballet company, I had never wanted anything more in my life. Now all I could see was this fading out, as if someone blew out my flame I had tried so hard to keep burning.

Speeding down the lonely roads that I became suspicious of I turned up the radio to rid my mind of these many questions and thoughts. Turning the dial up to better hear the radio, I was alarmed by the loud siren coming from the stereo. It was like one of those warnings you heard in the movies.

"Direct strike at a potential life threatening hurricane expected within the hour. A hurricane warning is in effect for North Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York." The robotic man then began listing off different counties and places affected by the deteriorating storm. "All personnel is instructed to find shelter immediately."

More information followed with wind speeds and locations of the hurricane taking place. With my heart beating faster then it ever had before I began to get in position for a U- turn. With the rain blinding and noise of it pounding against the metal of the cars exterior I began to flip the U- turn when a hit was taken to the side of my car. Losing complete control over the vehicle I was spun into a spinning sensation. The motion of it jerking me to the window where my head smashed against the glass. My vision faded faster then a concept of time could explain, losing my sight also accompanied by losing the rest of me.

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