Chapter 1

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Emma stumbled her way to her car, trying to find the bright yellow thing in her world of darkness. Her eyes blurred over with tears. Not bothering to keep them in she let them roll off her face, one by one. Her emerald eyes glistened and glassed over, showing a window into all the pain she was feeling. She grasped the door handle and sat inside the car, her happy ending was once again over. Her Hook, her killy-bear, her love, her sexy pirate. He was her everything, her cushion to fall on. She felt her heart burst into a million more pieces as she thought about the night's event's.


Emma walked up the door to Granny's. She checked her watch and straightened her signature red leather jacket. 7:10 flashed back at her. It was 5 minutes before she was supposed to meet Killian for dinner. She was early but she guessed he would be there already. She pushed open the diner door with a little ring of the bell. Her eyes were wide open and brimming with fresh new tears, as she saw the pirate leaning over the counter, stuffing his tounge down Milah's throat while she sat there like a throw pillow. Not bothering to say anything she rushed out of there as Hook noticed her presence and guiltily tore his mouth away from Milah's to shout something at her, possibly an apology.

A/N I know Milah is dead but I brought her back for this purpose.

Current time.

Emma was driving her car angriliy down the road, angry that she lost someone again, angry that she trusted him, and angry that she lost her friend. All of their treasured moments were now tainted, their relationship in a way past repair. Her headlights flickered and suddenly her head swung forward and she crashed into something. She only remebered her head pounding as everything went dark.

As she came too her senses and slowly woke up she remeber her hitting something. A deer? A wolf? No they don't have those in Storybrooke. She reached for her big purse and rumaged around for her flashlight. She lit it up and got out. Her breathing hitched as she looked around the car and saw the brown hair of a woman. Emma dashed to her side struggled to find her pulse. At first she couldn't feel anything. She took out her phone and dialed 911. She checked her pulse again and this time felt it. The brunette had a nasty cut across her face.

As the paramedics arrived with their blinding lights Emma rushed forward, beginning to explain the situation. "Ma'am, we can handle it" a nurse assured her.

"At least let me come with her" Emma pleaded.

"Alright but you will need to wait in the waiting room until she is consious" The nurse reluclantly agreed.

Emma got into her dented car and followed the paramedics as they drove the brown haired woman away.

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