Can I Show This Thug Love?

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My name is Rolland. Rolland Thicke. I live in a ghetto, dirty city called Milwaukee, Its found in the state of Wisconsin. I'm going into my junior year of high school ..blah, blah, blah. Let me tell you about my Thug Story.....


"Baby girl" I heard a husky voice whisper in my ear. I could hear the breaths being taken and felt the cool air escape as his words did.

I opened my eyes, and my face was only an inch away from his. Oh how I wish it was much closer.

"Yes?" I was able to lift from my back to my elbows and looked up at him. I seen him mouth the word 'Damn'. My eyes enlarged as I then felt the cooling breeze against my bare breasts. I quickly shifted my body under my cover.

"Cwade! You know I sleep nude!" I sighed "Why'd you wake me, I have an alarm clock ya know?"

I heard him laugh lowly, "Your brother told me to wake you up early."

I huffed then stuck my head from under my blanket and seen he was gone. I shrugged and dragged my body to my bathroom so I could take a shower.

After 15 minutes I stepped back out in my towel, went to grab my bra and panties, put them on then headed to my closet. I felt like being a bum today so I wore grey sweats, my black shirt that said 'The Weeknd' and black socks. I pinned my hair into a high ponytail; and walked down the hall to my brothers room. He was sitting on his bed talking to Cwade

"Bro, she was fine as fu-" My brother paused. "What you want?"

I went into his closet and grabbed his Nike sandals. "What does it look like Robynn?" I looked up at Cwade who was on his phone.

"Why you looking at my nigga? You want him or something?" Robynn asked.

I could now see Cwade's bright green eyes staring at me. "Nah, I don't want ya nigga." I walked out of his room and back down to mine. I jumped on my bed, feeling around for my phone. Once I found it I got on Instagram looking at all the sexy guys I follow. But they're all 'Thugs'. I don't date Thugs. All they do is either sell drugs, do the drugs, and fuck hoes. Pathetic.

I closed the app and put my phone in my bra and walked back to Robynn's room. "Can we leave?" I arched my eyebrow.

"Not until you take my sandals off!" Robynn yelled.

I smiled. "That's not happening." I ran downstairs, to be greeted by my Pitbull, Chee-na.

"Hi baby." I said in a high pitched voice, while rubbing her small face. "Are you hungry? Are you?"

I walked into the kitchen and poured her some food and water in her bowls. When I walked back in the living room Cwade and Robynn were waiting at the front door.

"C'mon Rolland." The way my name rolled off his lips, made me smile. "Okay Cwade."

I ran out the door and to the car on the passengers side.

"Nah ma, you gotta ride in the back." I felt Cwade's big hands grab onto my small waist and push my to the side.


When we got to school it was 7:20 and school doesn't start until 8:15.

"Why did we have to be here so early Rob?" I stepped out the car and Cwade , Robynn and I walked to the football field's bleachers.

"Because I need to talk to a girl." He said swiftly.

I stopped in my tracks. "So I got up and hour and ten minutes early so you can talk to some hoe?"

I then continued walking with them.

"She's not a hoe, She's the queen of all female dope dealers, and she gets mad respect. So you better show her some."

When we got to the bleachers I seen a dark, chubby, mixed girl sitting talking on the phone. She was mixed with Black and Indian, it was obvious by her hair and skin tone.

When she seen Robynn she hung up the phone,

"Wassup?" I heard Robynn say.

"Wassup young Crip?" Rude. Robynn wasn't a Crip he was a 711 Killer also known as a Blood.

She walked down to us and I'd seen that she was my height, if not an inch taller.

"So is this Friday's hoe?" She pointed to me.

"No actually I'm not a hoe, I'm his sister, Bitch." I spat that line at her.

She walked to me getting in my face. "I don't see any bitches around here so, I KNOW you weren't talking to me."

I was about to push her when Cwade grabbed me and pulled me to another direction.

"You need to watch who you talking to!" His eyes were now dark green color, which meant he was mad.

"What you made for?" I folded my arms and pouted.

"We need her, and if Robynn gets on her good side then we'll be more rich than anyone."

"Wait, you mean you a 711 killer?" I paused. "You're a Thug?"

He looked away then back at me, "You could say that."

"B-But why? You have so much going for yourself! You have a scholarship for Basketball and Football! Don't throw that away because you wanna be a 'Thug'!"

He looked at me then anger spread across his face. "What am I suppose to do with a scholarship Rolland? All its gonna give me is and education! Is a scholarship gonna buy me a Manson, Lamborghini, Golden Gates? A scholarship won't supply my needs!"

I felt hurt, "Well being a Thug won't! A scholarship gets you an education, a career and money for your needs!"

He stopped to take a deep breath, "Why do you even care?" He looked determined to know the answer.

"Maybe because I li-" I frowned. "I don't care." I looked down." But don't you want a wife and children?"

He laughed, "Thugs don't have time for love."

I gave him a blank stare, then he grabbed my face. "Listen to me." I nodded. "Thugs. Don't. Need. Love." He smiled, "All I need right now is for you to not talk to the girl, look at her, glare at her or start drama with her. And if you do that, everything will be fine and me and your brother will be making our money."

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