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Greg's Point Of View:

"I'm bored," Sarah pouted, and layed down on the wooden floor.

I sighed, and layed down next to her. It has been a month since we were held her by The Beast. Beatrice was often quiet, and was always by herself. Whenever Sarah and i try to talk to her, she turns away. More than half of the people were gone, and the remaining ones just stood together in a little huddle. Sarah and I have grown on each other, and spent most of the time together. I began to lose hope that Wirt was okay. Whenever I brought him up to Beatrice, she just burst out sobbing, and ran into another corner. Besides that, nothing eventful has happened yet.

Sarah and I held hands as we watched the fire in the fireplace. The fire was the only source of light and warmth. Outside, a snowstorm was still raging. It was raging ever since two weeks ago, so the windows and door was blocked by the snow. The Beast hasn't even been in here, so we were safe from him-for now. He somehow had given us food so we wouldn't starve.

"Greg, what's going to happen to us when The Beast runs out of people to turn into Edelwood trees?" Sarah asked, turning over on her side to face me.

"I don't know," I answered, turning to face her. "I don't want to think about it."

"Ah!" Beatrice yelled.

Sarah and I sat up fast to see Beatrice run towards us. Her face was plastered with mixed emotions, half sad and half happy.

"Sister! Greg!" she yelled out. "I know how to get rid of The Beast!"

Sarah and I ran to meet here, with hopeful spirits.

"Really?" I asked. "How?"

"The dark lantern is actually holding The Beast's soul," Beatrice explained. "So what we need to do is somehow tell Wirt that."

"But, didn't you say that Wirt's soul was with The Beast's?" Sarah asked.

Beatrice's smiled vanished.

"True," she replied.

"So, if we kill The Beast-" I paused, realizing what Beatrice is telling me.

"We kill Wirt."

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