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            Shortened Summary:

       “A pretty face can be the deadliest weapon.”

       A spy like her is a queen of disguises. This girl is someone who will outshine you even when she's down. Join her on a journey of beauty, love, secrets, and lies, as she tries to dodge every bullet thrown her way. Five girls, none can be trusted. Four agents, two gone missing. Two disguises, one too easy to miss.

       Her name is Rachel Harris, and she's the model in disguise.

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            Extended Summary:

       “A pretty face can be the deadliest weapon.”

       Rachel Harris. The girl no one remembers. Until now, that is.

       At age fifteen, Rachel found out the truth about her family – that she came from a background of government spies. Two years later, seventeen year old Rachel is makeover-ed, undercover, and ready to attend Smile Academy for Modeling Teens on a mission. Rachel is expected to be successful. When she leaves her semi-partner behind and departs with Adrian Nichols, her main priority is to come back with Smile Academy's principal, ex-con Maxwell Thomas, in handcuffs. The two agents meet their fourth partner at the school and hope that things will go smoothly from then on. But what happens when two of Rachel's three partners go missing?

       At Smile, Rachel is soon thrown into a world of lies, secrets, and secret lies. It takes more than just makeup to cover her tracks, and as she investigates with Alex Peterson, she finds out that there are things about Smile that she has yet to learn. But there’s one thing she knows for sure: Not everyone is who they seem, and looks can be deceiving.

       After all, no one would suspect the model in disguise.

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