Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

I think I shouldn't have left those two with these three, damn this plan better be done right or I'm going to kill those two.

-------- Flashback --------

"Ok now since were done planning plan 2, its time to begin plan 3" yes, yes, yes. My plans are falling into place and in no time, the master plan will be complete.

"So what's plan 3?" Charlie looked interested

"Operation separation" I spoke proudly at my new name. I'm so good at these. As soon as that name was mentioned, both Charlie and Oliver looks interesting

"This plan it for the 6th 7th and 8th daughters, they are usually inseparable and they do everything together, and if they are apart for even a second they assume the worst"

"Oliver, Charlie. This plan is up to you, can you handle it" they nodded simultaneously, and a smile plastered on their faces.

God I love this.

-------End of Flashback--------

Zachary and I were seated in the lounge with the rest of my family, majestique still looked like any minute now she was about to die, pavitra and crystal looked like they were about to burst into tears anytime. And Autamyn, Lucianna and May looked happy for me, too bad I still don't like them. The atmosphere was dark, no one spoke, that's when we heard a blood curling scream.

We ran into the hallway, to see Aquata on the floor in tears. Mother Regina rushed to her side, and knelt down with a worried expression. God I felt like laughing. It was too damn good to be true.

"Aquata dear what is the matter?" god mother if only you knew wat I've been doing.

"m- m- mother, my sisters are dead, I can't see them" I laughed, when everyone snapped their heads at me I pretended to cough.

"I'm sure they are somewhere here" mother tried reassuring her

"No their dead, we were in the west wing of the-"just as she started explaining, I was waiting for the next thing. Majestique screamed, finally.

"Their dead because of that child, the ghost child" as soon as she said that crystal and pavitra were in tears,

"Zachary and winter have kids?" They began to whine. Now this was entertainment. Mother Regina looked like she was about to rage, just then plan 4 took action. The children ran in the hallway with deserts of chocolate and bumped into her on purpose. She screeched and I swear her eyes were red.

"s- sorry, we didn't see you there" Oliver looked apologetic. Not. "Guards, take these brats and throw them in the dungeons" plan 5 is working now.

"Who do you think you are?" the person said. Yes! It's falling into place.

"who do you think you are, I happen to be queen Regina, king Reginald's wife" she said with a proud smirk on her face, oh this is good! I just feel like slapping that smirk off her face.

"well, your majesty, I happen to be queen Patricia of the livestone kingdom, the kingdom you are currently standing in. who gives you the right to punish my sons" mother Regina's face was priceless.

I was watching this entertainment if it wasn't for someone who pulled me into one of the rooms, in the west wing. "Autamyn" I said surprised at her presence

"What do you think you're doing winter, huh? Tell me!" demand was one thing Autamyn does and to be honest I hate it.

I looked at her, anger running in my veins, "I'm taking revenge, ok, revenge to those who wronged me" right now I really felt like doing worse to all of them!

"Winter didn't you always say revenge hurts everyone involved, are you hurting yourself on purpose. What happened to the winter that never lies? Mm what happened to the 'oh so wonderful winter' we all once knew. This is wrong and you know it" she began to lecture me.

"Wrong! Huh? You should be the last to speak, you wronged me along with all my sisters. Instead of doing the right thing, you hurt me in ways I never imagined a family would. I was hurt. Alone in the darkness, I learnt the meaning of tears. They're not worth shedding for people like you."

"I'm sorry, ok." She practically yelled. It's too late. "I won't forgive you, I won't"

"You know, you look a lot like mom, your eyes, hair everything. You resemble her a lot. If I could reverse the flow of time I would. I would-"just then I snapped

"You can't!" I yelled with anger, "you can't, and that's what hurts" I fell to my knees in tears, just then Zachary came rushing in along with everyone else, he knelt by my side and pulled me into his arms, I cried in the crook of his neck.

"Winter, what's wrong, tell me" he pleaded with me, "don't cry, please don't cry" my cries grew louder, I was in pain. Right then I felt it again, I felt the burning in my lower abdomen, the pain was intolerable, and it hurt so badly at that moment I just wanted to die. I let out a blood curling scream.

"Winter what's wrong?" Zachary looked confused and hurt.

", make it stop, make it stop, please Zachary make it stop" I began hearing the cries of pain, torment and suffering. I couldn't bear the cries, so I held my ears tight. Just then I saw someone.

"siren" I muttered, then I saw the children, the children that were once mine, "why didn't you save us" I heard Courtney, "yes why didn't you, and you call yourself our mother" I heard Blake. "You're the reason were dead"

"No, I didn't mean it, I tried to I promise" right then I heard the cry, the cry that's keeping me going. Tommy. I snapped out of my daze and stood on my feet.

"Winter, what's wrong" Zachary asked concerned, "can't you hear him, his crying"

"Who is crying?" Lucianna asked (name of her sister, in case you forgot) just then he screamed. My baby screamed, I sprinted in the direction of the playroom, "tommy" I yelled, when o opened the door, I only happened to see tommy being held by some shadow, I ran up to the lamp light and pointed it to the shadow, resulting in its dissolution. I picked tommy up and rocked him, to calm his cries. "Hush- hush little one you're safe"

"Winter" Zach walked in, then he looked behind me like I did something wrong "whose that"

When I turned around I couldn't believe my eyes, what is he doing here!


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