Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

When I woke up today, I was fired up and ready to finally stand up for myself after all my dear family is coming today. Note the sarcasm. I went to bathroom and began to brush my teeth, I hope all goes well, and after all we did plan what was to happen today.

--------- Flashback-----------

"We need to execute our plan correctly" I said as I walked into the living room where all the boys were sitting and watching the television. They all looked at me with confused faces.

"Plan, what are you talking about?" Oliver asked, I think that's the first time I heard him talk

"Yeah what plan winter?" zander also looked at me confused.

"The plan where I make give my family run for their royal money and behaviour" I said with an evil smirk plastered on my face as I began making the plan in my head.

"That face is really creepy, just tell us what you have in mind." Zachary scowled at my face, who can't be evil at a time like this, this is my revenge plan god! Give me a break, "ok!" I said my evil mood ruined.

"here's the plan, we will pretend that I am Zachary's soon to be wife, in other words fiancé, then you guys will act as yourselves but you should call me sister-in-law, tommy will be our adopted son, then we play all kind of pranks on them, and since father will only be here 3 days after later, they will want to leave and father will have to say no and then we play the ultimate prank on my father" I said as I began chuckling evilly, finally my plan can fall into place, none of my sisters will want to see me happy, so I have to do this right, and make sure there are no errors, again I began laughing

"Ok this is getting creepy" Charlie looked creeped at my sudden behaviour, nut I can't help it but have fun.

"So what's the ultimate prank?" Oliver questioned

"You will find out soon my little minions you'll find out soon." I spoke darkly before exiting the room, I thought I heard Oliver say "is it me or is this whole revenge thing messing with her head, then I walked to my room before dressing in my night gown and going to sleep.

-------- End of Flashback---------

Tommy was wide awake in his crib, playing with his cute fingers I lifted him up and ran a nice bubble bath for us. I sat with tommy in the tub and all I could here was the splashing of the water being done by tommy, I don't think he's had a bubble bath before. We got out I dressed tommy appropriately and I dressed in a long winter blue gown, it fell to the ground, I tied my hair up in a bun and put on a tiara I found I my bedroom.

I went downstairs and began making breakfast for the boys, but my evil revenge plan was still in my head let's hope these boys are good at acting, then I remembered there would be lying involved in this plan, and I'm not a liar, guess I'll have to drop the plan, I can't lie I've never lied before so why must I lie now. I put the food on the table in the dining area on the large table, Zachary and the boys came down and sat to eat, and I put tommy in his baby chair and began feeding him.

"Umm guys we need to drop the plan." I heard them all choke on their food and they all looked at the jug on the table before reaching for it, they began fighting over the jug, god these idiotic siblings. I got up and began putting water in all their glasses, when they've decided who get to drink first they sat down and looked at the waters in front of them, they picked it up and gulped it away. "Thank you winter" they acknowledged me in synch.

"So why do we need to cancel the plan?" Oliver questioned me like I was some criminal, I feel like a criminal in his presence

"because there would be lying involved and I don't lie, it's an unwritten rule everyone knows, winter can't lie and is bad at lying, when I thought this plan I forgot there would be lying involved and lying leads to a lot of trouble" honestly its true, you say one lie and you need to lie a 100 more lies to cover that one lie, am I right or am I right?

"but lying for a noble reason, isn't a lie, and plus we've stayed up all night trying to come up with genuine I pranks so you can't stop now, like I said lying for a noble reason doesn't make it a lie" zander and his smart mouth spoke, god he's why does he have to be smart?

"Where did you hear that," I asked him waiting for his wonderful answer

"Isn't it obvious, we read it in one of your magazines" his body tensed, like I own any magazines.

"That's a lie zander"

"I-is it, did I say your magazines I meant Cilene's magazines" cilene only reads nothing basically just texts on her oh so beautiful phone, god I wouldn't be surprised if she turned into a phone, so she could use herself.

"That's a lie" I snorted at his response, now he was sweating and looked absolutely tense and rigid "is it me or is it getting hot in here?" zander asked his face had a few sweat drops on his forehead. "It's you" I genuinely spoke, staring at him intently in the eyes

"Ok, I took one of Zachary's woman magazines and read it in there, I'm sorry brother, but she was bound to find out" zander looked at his brother shame in his eyes, he hung his head while looking at Zachary, wait hold up Zach has woman magazines? I glanced at him his face had a tinge of pink on his cheeks, was the great Zachary blushing, man at times like these I wish I had a camera. It's a one in a lifetime opportunity to see Zachary blush.

"Ok so operation gwfarftrm, is now in action." Oliver pumped the air before adding a 'yea' I swear it wasn't just me confused, this boy barely talks but when he does he makes no sense at all.

"operation what?" all the boys asked bringing me out of my thoughts, Oliver sighed and glared at his brothers, before speaking his thoughts "why am I related to these idiots, its operation give winters family a run for their royal money, I mean I'm sure even winter knew that" if only it were true.

"Ok it time to put my plan in action" I said and they all nodded, while tommy just giggled.

Zachary, tommy and I were seated in the living room, while we awaited the arrival of my dear family, ten minutes of waiting Zachary and I were on the floor playing with tommy and his toys we requested the servant to bring. Tommy was giggling at how Zachary made those noises, I seriously never thought Zachary was good with children until recently, we carried on playing with tommy, and then tommy tried walking, it was damn cute.

"oh my goodness, how dare you" we heard a high pitch scream, oh how could I forget that painful voice, lord take me now, save me from this agony, It seriously felt like my ear drums were going to explode, "how could you" oh mother of chicken noodles, I will snap her head, and trust me I will do it. I forced a smile on my face before turning around.


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