Chapter 63

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The tranquillity was of the sea lapsing gently against the void surface, its colour a serene blue. It was utterly soothing as Harper rested her eyes relaxing against the hollow, metal bars. The hour of darkness settled on the sky with the moon shimmering its glowing light onto the bare ocean, its reflection disorientated travelling over the incoming tides. Her heart fluttered as she felt James embrace her from behind resting his chin onto her shoulder as the yacht continued to sail steadily. His lips searched for her bare skin planting gentle but fierce in how it prickled the hairs on her arms to stand up in approval. What more could be luxuriating that this? Not only had James surprised her with this voyage considering this morning he'd look barely able to move a muscle from the pit of his bed, James' stealthy approach conquered her superstition to there being something else planned.

This morning she had left to visit Dani feeling rather strange to call it visiting considering she still lived there and had been temporary staying with James whilst his recovery. When she returned near to the evening, James was no where to be seen as she entered the penthouse. Manny wasn't on duty so he was home alone. She had called his name over and over receiving no welcome back fearing something was up until she noticed the scatter of rose petals on the floor trailing upstairs. All along her heart continued at its hurried pace as she followed them where it eventually led her to the bathroom. James was still nowhere to be seen but entering the bathroom, she melted at the sight of the bathtub filled up with hot water and more rose petals this time floating upon the surface of the water. She took in all minor details including the candles lit placed around the room offering warm exotic scents nor did she push aside the flutters in her stomach. Then she could recall how the hairs on her arms stood on end when the door clicked open. Turning around, it was where James stood leaning against the frame wearing nothing but a flimsy towel that covered his lower half.

No words were needed after that...

And here she was now.

"I could sail the sea with you for eternity." James confessed, the sweet resonance of his voice crawling down her spine.

"Supposed to make me swoon in your arms?" Harper gibed, despite the fact it made her completely breathless. James choked, "Jeez, way to ruin a moment."

Harper smiled resting back in his arms, "You know I love you."

"I appreciate it Miss Daniels." He snorted, before taking a sip from his glass. Harper puffed nudging her elbow into his chest. "I appreciate it? Is that all ?" Amused at his pretentious, yelp in defence, "That so hurt." He retorted as he placed his glass on the side.

Without chance to reply, he whisked her back to the centre of the yacht enclosing the small distance between them as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Whirling her tenderly in his arms, swaying them to the song playing in the background.

"This is so cheesy." She chortled, then hiding her face in the arch of his neck.

James twirled her around brining her back into his arms as he smirked to himself. Wetting his bottom lip he commented, his voice husky, "Baby, Dance is the art of Sex." Then as they swayed, he gently ran his hands down her thighs igniting the hunger within her stomach. Expecting him to stop and kiss the might out of her, he quickly twirled her that it was her back against his front. Slowly he nuzzled down onto the arch of her neck, tantalizing upon her skin as she bit hard down onto her bottom lip. It was as if he was teasing her purposefully with seconds after, moving her back into his arms. Where ever he learned to dance to like that, proved his earlier statement to be correct with every inch of her grew impatient wanting nothing more to feel his body skin to skin.

Finally he came to a halt, resting his forehead against hers. Just as he was breathless, she too couldn't stop her chest from rising fast. James took no hesitation to tenderly place a kiss against hers taking no hurry whatsoever. Harper moved closer into him with her hands travelling up his shirt to hang loosely around his neck as he continued. How could he get tired of this he thought to himself as he teased biting down on her bottom lip. Tonight would be perfect. Nothing would spoil this night, alone from intrusion or events that likely would disturb. Now knowing they belonged together with all lies and secrets pushed aside, James wanted every second with her to be cherished. No woman had this effect on him, ever since day one when she spilled that coffee on her, something alerted him to the true beauty standing before him.

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