Anniversary - Cam and Avery Bonus Scene

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A deep sound rumbled from his chest as his hips pushed forward out of response. "So you're just too distracted to wonder about my secret and awesome plans?"

"Yeah," I gasped out. My chest was achy, heavy. "But that plans are also awesome?"

"Totally fucking awesome," he growled as his fingers tugged gently. "So you should be wondering about them."

"I am."

That wasn't a complete lie. There was a little part of my brain that was mulling over what kind of plans he had in store for us, but the rest, somewhere around ninety percent was focused on what he was doing.

His hand had left my breast as he rose up on his other arm so that he was hovering slightly over my body as I rested on my side. He skimmed his hand down my stomach, below my belly button and lower. I tensed, even my toes curled, as his fingers reached the apex of my thighs, but then he smoothed over my upper thigh.

God, he was such a damn tease.

As his fingers curled around my knee, he lifted my leg as he eased his in-between my thighs. "The secret and awesome plans involve a car ride," he announced.

I looked up at him, smiling softly. Even in the bedroom, with his hair going in every which direction and the shadow of stubble across his strong jaw, he caused my heart to jump in my chest. Those bright, blue eyes were fixed on mine, and the rush of warmth invading every vein and cell had more to do with what I felt for him than what he was doing at the current moment.

Not that what he was doing wasn't great. It was amazing, but it was the love I felt for Cam that stayed long after the bliss he created faded. Things were perfectly imperfect. Every day wasn't puppy dog tails and roses between us. Just a month ago, we'd gotten into this huge fight over something stupid. I couldn't even remember what it was about, but it had been horrible. I'd been yelling and screaming like a banshee on crack and he'd lost his cool, which took a lot, and he left to retreat into his apartment and I had gotten into bed and cried like a fat baby. But in the middle of the night, Cam had used his key and let himself in. Not only that, he'd climbed into bed and had wrapped his arms around me, and he'd said, "We don't go bed to angry with another, sweetheart." And when he'd said that, I'd seriously forgotten what I'd been pissed at him over.

So yeah, we had our moments when I was sure I was going to kick his head like soccer ball and he was going to be done with my hang-ups, but we never went to bed angry at one another, which meant we never stayed anger at each other for very long.

No one was perfect, but to me, Cam was the closest thing to perfect in my life.

"I love you," I blurted out.

His expression softened and then he dipped his mouth to mine. He kissed me softly and even when it deepened, there was a tenderness that tugged at my heart. "I love you too, sweetheart."

Maybe it was too early and I was feeling overly emotional, because tears swelled in my eyes, and I counted whatever formation of lucky stars in the sky I didn't see.

His mouth played over mine as he slid his hand back up the inside of my thigh, and when he kept going, I gasped against his lips. His fingers moved over the tight bundle of nerves. Tension balled in the pit of my stomach as his tongue twisted with mine. He shifted his hand, pressing his palm down in a way that caused my entire body to jerk against his.

He groaned against my mouth, and then I was making those noises as he slowly slipped a finger inside me. His mouth left mine and he trailed tiny, hot kisses along the curve of my cheekbone, to my ear, where he whispered something about how I felt around his finger that scorched my cheeks.

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