Mature Keaton imagine for Erin :))

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You were the girl who everyone thought was quiet and innocent, but really you were the complete opposite, and Keaton Stromberg had a feeling of this ;)

You woke up Monday morning with a pounding headache. You had stupidly went to a party with one of your friends last night, knowing you had school in the morning. You and your friends went to parties often, but you never went to your school parties. You didn't want people to know how un-innocent you actually were. Up until last night no one had knew. But unfortunately last night bad boy Keaton Stromberg from your school showed up at the party. You were hoping he would't notice you but he eyed you all night.... "Ughh" you complained in the morning. All you wanted to do was go back to sleep, but you had to go to school. You forced yourself to get ready, making yourself look as normal as you physically could. You grabbed your bag and left for school. Once you got to school you went to your locker as usual. You heard the bell ring and started heading to class when all of a sudden someone grabbed your arm and pulled you into the janitor closet. "What..wh.." You started to say but were interrupted. "Shh Erin" you immediately knew who it was. It was Keaton Stromberg. Before you could react he slammed his lips onto yours. You didn't fight it. You kissed back your lips moving in sync. He licked your bottom lip asking for entrance, you didn't hesitate to open your mouth. "Jump." He mumbled into the kiss, and you did. He was rubbing your ass and passionately kissing you. He began to move down to your neck, making sure to leave a mark. Just the feeling of his hot breath on your skin made you want him more. You moved your hands down his chest and pulled his shirt off. He did the same to you. He moved his hands to your back and undid your bra. He began to suck on your right breast while messaging and pinching the other. You couldn't wait any longer. You jumped out of Keaton's arms and undid his pants. "Someone's a little impatient" he said with a smirk. "Very." You said back. He got down on his knees and pulled your shorts down. He moved his hands up your thighs making you breathe heavier. He started rubbing you outside of you panties. "Who made you this wet Erin?" He asked with laugh "You did Keaton, now stop teasing me. I need you now!" You said. He pulled down his boxers and then pulled down your panties. He put his member at your entrance. "Your wish is my command." And with that he slammed into you. "You're... so.... tight..... Erin." He said in between breaths. He thrusted in and out of you. "Keaton I'm going to cum!" You whispered yelled, trying to make sure no one heard you. "Me too." He said. Just then you both released your juices together. "That was great! We need to do this again." Keaton said as you two were getting dressed. "Definitely." you said still in shock about what just happened. He kissed your cheek and left you in the closet. 'Omg, I just had sex with Keaton Stromberg, in a closet, in school.' You though to yourself, as a giant smile crept up on your face.

Here you go. This has probably been my most favorite mature imagine yet :) I hope you like it!

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