Chapter 2

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Jo's Pov.

ITS HIM. Blake. Killer. Badboy. Ex-boyfriend.

" Miss lake, isn't it? Come to my office after this meeting I would like to have a word with you" he said saying miss with force, with a sly smirk on his face.
I bit my lip stopping from saying something that will get me into trouble and just nodded.

The rest of the meeting went agonisingly slowly. Every move Id make his eyes would waver over me as if thinking I would try escape. Finally we were dismissed, getting up as fast as I could however on me way out the door I heard a Lound voice saying" Miss lake, my office now please." That barstard.

I walked down the hall to the big double doors of his office and sat down outside waiting for 'Mr. Rance' = Blake to arrive.
About 2 minutes later he came down the hall and called me into his office.
Walking into the office, my stomach was doing flips.

"Take a seat" he said watching my every move.
"Now, what was that?"

" What was what sir?" I said, saying sir forcefully as a sign of disrespect. A look of anger crossed his face. I bit lip harder making it go white.

He looked at my lips, clenching his fists and then answered," Why the disrespect?"

" Sorry I tend to disrespect people when I dislike them sir" I replied in an innocent voice.

This seemed to make him really mad, he was about to say something until me phone bleeped in my hand signing that, I've got a text.

" Who was that?" he asked staring at the phone.
It was nick, he text saying:
N: hey, just wondering if you wanna go out on a date with me tonight?
Me: yeah okay, straight after work?

" No One" I said nervously. He never liked me texting in front of him for some reason, it was weird.

Then my phone bleeped again. Then again and again.

Suddenly my phone was snatched from my clutches by Blake.
" what's your password." he said stiffly.
" Why would I tell you?"
" Because I'm your boss!"
" That's doesn't earn you a pass to my personal life!!" I said angerly.

Suddenly I was pushed up against the wall. Blakes body pushed into mine no space between us. I tried to push him of but he grabbed my hands and pined them up above my head.

" Oh, really. Because as it happens there is not one bit of your personal life that I'm not involved in."

"What are you talking about" I whispered.

" Aww baby girl! You really don't know?" he pressed himself harder into me. I could taste his his minty breath inches away. My core heated up as I could feel something hard pressing into me making me want to moan.
" You really need to pay more attention don't you baby girl. I've been in town for over a month now..watching your every move. Every house bill you have paid for as well as the acctual form that you sign to move in has my name on it permitting me that I am aloud in whenever I want. The same with your car and you phone. Everything!" he said smirking at me." making me be able to get to you where ever you go and I can do to you whatever I please." I gulped.
" Get of me! You're lying."

" Are you sure about that Babygirl? Cause I can prove it to you in all kinds of different ways if you want." he took one of his hand and started trailing it up the side of my leg then up and down the inside of my thigh.

" Get off me, I hate you, you barstard you ruined my life already once before I'm not going to let you ruin it again!" I said looking into his eyes."I've moved on! Why can't you?"

He snarled, but surprisingly let go

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