Chapter 1

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Toby sat quietly on the hilltop,gazing over the small yet beautiful forest area. He felt at peace, which he didn't feel often as he continues to constantly be reminded of his damned twitches. His eyes gaze over to the tree tops on the left of him, and he let out a quiet chuckle seeing Brain, his colleague, Hanging upside down in one of the branches.

He wasn't in the mood to get up and ask him what the hell he thought he was doing, he just wanted to watch the strong man get himself in yet another silly situation, probably ending up stuck hanging on the branch. He had to admit, he couldn't get by without a few of Brian's antics every now and again.

"Gah! i'm stuck! HELP I'M STUCK UPSIDE DOWN!" Brian called out as his mask fell down half his face. Toby sighed and let out a half annoyed sigh. He strode over and decided to have a little fun, because eh, why the hell not? "oh look! spider man! " he chuckles "you gonna fail at saving the day?" he taunted.

Brian rolls his eyes and smirked "if i'm spider man than you're Mary Jane. that means at this scene you have to kiss me, " he held in a chuckle, knowing he made the other male flustered. "S-shut up Brian! j-just how can i g-get you down hmm?" he twitched again, sighing in annoyance. "calm down, Mary Jane, i still haven't gotten my kiss!".

Toby felt heat behind his mask, he knew he was as red as a tomato. That's exactly what Brian wanted isn't it? well two can play at this game. "yeah, you haven't" he said pulling down his face guard showing the scars from that crash. "here, don't let me keep you waiting" he purred stepping closer.

But to his dismay Brian showed no signs of being flustered. Damn him! he wasn't going to let this slide, he'll show him he means business! Brian however, simply prayed for this moment. Wanting his kiss for quite some time.

Toby took a deep breath and yanked him over, kissing him hard as he twitched. his warm lips felt so good against his, he almost melted and gave into whatever game Brain was playing. Then it hit him, he was so stupid, this wasn't a game, he wanted this kiss. it was obvious because he was kissing back and they were standing there kissing for a few moments longer than he would rather die than admit.

He pulled away, his face heated up, he felt so stupid. Was his first kissed stolen like that? So simply and unceremoniously? "i'm an idiot...I-I let my first kiss be taken away by some S-Stupid cheesy Spider man movie move all b-because you just wanted to see me flustered! " he yells out in disbelief and anger.

Brian shakes his head fervently " NO NO it's not that! j-just let me explain!" he squeaks as he managed to get down from the branch. Toby hissed "THREE SECONDS TO E-EXPLAIN! What was the kiss for huh? you knew i would do it! s-so...s-so..." he covered his face with an embarrassed expression.

Brian chuckles " you already know the answer..or well you should anyway..." he said rubbing his neck. God Toby was cut like this, makes him want to scoop him up and kiss him again and again and again. "look...I've liked you for a while Toby... i really didn't think you would kiss me though. But it was a great kiss!" he said trying to at least calm him down.

Toby looks up with a shy, doe eyed look " y-you like me? you, Brian, guy who can kill me in one punch and could have anyone he wanted, like a-a twitching, idiotic mess like m-me?" he said almost sarcastic. Brian Seethed in anger, pinning Toby to another nearby tree by grabbing his wrists and placing them over his head.

"Listen" he growls in his ear " you are perfect, got that? and yes i fell for such an amazing person such as you, Now you're going to say you're sorry for insulting yourself, got it?!" he said angrily, but he meant it in a loving way, a terrible habit.

Toby whimpers out "i-i'm sorry....". though in reality he wanted to see just how far this Brian would go, he wanted those strong arms wrapped around him, making his body quiver. "good..." brain said pulling away "I-I'm sorry if you don't like me back Toby I-" "I do like you Brian".

Toby blurted out and covered his mouth back with his guard " I just know i-I-I'm not the best person, or the perfect one for a lover, m-my twitching isn't usually considered lovey ya know?...let's just...stay with kissing and see where this relationship lands".

Brain tackles him in a hug, " thank you thank you thank you" he spat out fast and awkward. Which is what was cute about Brian, yes he was a ruthless killing machine, but he was also a giant teddy bear. Toby grunts as he was tackled to the ground "alright alright get up ya puppy, Tim is probably done with dinner and we don't need to be late".

Brian nods picking him up, "let me carry you then, Mary Jane" he chuckles, as Toby twitched every now and again with a playful glare. "oh my super hero spidey! you've come to make my house covered in cobwebs! and make my children want to be bitten by spiders even more!" he said in a fake swooned voice.

Brain and him laughed as they walked inside, "Jesus Christ that was funny tobes, " he said looking into his eyes. Toby giggles looking back into his " t-thanks...uh, lets eat huh?" he clears his throat, taking his seat. This was going to be fun.

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