Move out!!

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"Sam wake up! The truck just pulled up!" I groan in frustration at the sound of my mothers voice. "Alright I'm up!" I shout back as I get up.
   My names Sammy, but everyone usually just calls me Sam as you can see. I'm 5'6 and I'm point guard for my basketball team...well use to be, now that we're moving I won't have a team no more. I live in Orlando, Fl but now we're moving to Miami,Fl  which I'm fine with 'Cause I've dreamed of going to college over there.
Anyways I live with my mom who is pregent by a loser, James. James is my mom boyfriend and I hate him so much all he does is drink, yell, and complain about everything.

"Alright mom I'm ready" I say to my mom putting my bookbag on.
We get in the car and off we go

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