It was the morning of September the 1st, and I was more excited than ever to get to school. I got all my things together and stuffed it in my bag. I called my precious gray owl, Raindrop, and made my way from my room downstairs where father was pacing back and forth in the sitting room.

"Dad?" I asked with concern on my face. He looked to me with an emotionless face, but I could see the nervousness and fear in his eyes. I knew he had been going crazy with everything that happened a few weeks ago, and was very scared about something. "What's the matter?" I asked him.

"Selena, we need to have a talk before we head to Kings Cross, there's something I should let you know before you return to Hogwarts this year." I looked at him, a little confused, but sort of knew where this was going.

"Honey, you know that I care about you so much, and I love you more than words can express," as he said this he slowly walked closer to me, putting both hands on my shoulders. "I just want you to promise me you won't go looking for answers as to what that dream you had meant. It's too dangerous to your safety. There are things that I need to do this year that may shock you, and I can't quite tell you exactly what they are yet. Just please don't do anything you may regret forever."

After he finished this long and sincere speech of his, I looked deeper in his eyes and saw how frightened he was about something, and I really had no idea what he meant about the things he needs to get done. I shook it off and just said, "Um, sure, okay dad, whatever you say." I knew this answer was a little weak, and his narrowed his eyes at me as I said this. I knew he didn't really buy that I wasn't gonna go looking for answers, which I was. So I lied by reasurring him, "Dad, I won't go looking for anything okay? It's really not a big deal to me anymore." It pained me to lie so hard like this to him, but this time he seemed to believe me.

"Thanks Selena, I knew you would do the right thing."

Ugh! I felt awful for lying to him. I just needed to do it because I had to find out what the Dark Lord wants from me. Maybe it won't be all that bad. Maybe he just wants to see what my powers are like. And that really wasn't all that bad. I kind of felt proud that such a powerful wizard would want to see what a girl like me could do.

With that, father escorted me out of our home and we apparated to Kings Cross Station.


Snape's POV

I was TERRIFIED. And I'm usually not the type to show emotion...ever. But I really couldn't take it anymore. As I left Selena at the barrier to get to Platform Nine and Three Quarters, I quickly apparated to the outside of Hogwarts and made my way to my office in the dungeons.

I swiftly sat down at my desk and sighed. I put my head in my hands and just let all my emotions out. Could the Dark Lord really want her to get to Potter? It couldn't be to get to Albus, because he had already ordered Malfoy to kill him this year, and of course, I had recently agreed to protect him in the process, and as the plan between Albus and I stands, I must step in and kill Albus myself. This way the Dark Lord will trust me completely and I can secretely help Potter defeat him.

But if the Dark Lord has other plans in mind with Selena, what could I do in order to keep her safe? She was now extremely vulnerable to everything the Dark Lord may want from her. I couldn't let this happen. All that I have been striving for to keep Potter safe and succeed may be crashing down instantly.

No! This will not happen! He will not use my daughter, my own flesh and blood , to kill and become evil. And I know she is interested in it, because she thinks it's nothing terrible. She has no idea that that awful man killed her mother, my Lily, and destroyed everything I am in the process. I was going to have to tell her the truth about the Dark Lord and her mother. This would turn her away from this darkness.