Chapter 1

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Jo's Pov.

" Sky asked if you could file all these in to the computer by Wednesday please and be in the saff room in 10 mins" Hannah my secretary said seccuring out of my office.

Today was the the first day of work that I have been dreading for the whole time that I have worked here.
Meeting our new boss. Is he gunna be nice, scary, strict, lenient or always angry?? I'm really nerves. So to make a good impression I'm wearing black skinny jeans and and a white shirt with a tight black blazer, suiting my waist length curly blond hair.

Nick my work next door neighbour came in to my office and asked if I wanted to sit next him in the meeting, so I said yes. I mean his good looking so that's a good point.

"Ready to go meet our new boss?" he said happiely.

" Nope, not really"I replied with a nervous laugh.

" well you have no choice now aha ladies first", he said holding the door open for me to go into the meeting- room where all my other friends and colleagues were waiting for us.

I went and sat down next to me best friend carol. She knows just about everything about me. Nick sat the other side of me.

"What will he be like I wonder" Carol whispered.

But before I could answer a loud slam of the door awoke. Making me and just about everyone jump. Suddenly a deep husky voice sounded through the room sending violent shivered running rapidly down my back.

I KNOW THE VOICE!!!! No it can't be! I'm imaging things!!! HE IS NOT HERE. HE IS NOT HERE.HE IS NOT HERE. It's impossible!

Still looking down at the now very interesting table to afraid to look up, not wanting to make this nightmare reality. However that didn't long until the voice sounded again a little bit carmer.
" I expect respect from each and everyone of you in this room" I could feel his eyes looking around the room. " As well as I expect all of you to look at me when I talk to you."

At this point I lifted my head to meet a very familiar pare of pitch black eyes staring it to mine. My breath court in my throught. IT HIM!

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