Student Bad Ass Werewolf ( Emmett Cullen and a Seth Clearwater Love Story)

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 Hello Everybody! This story right here is currently on construction cause I was 12 when I wrote it. And I just turned 13 and I wanted to fix it. And those cuss words you were reading was written down by my friend. So don't blame me. Sorry for not updating. 

Peython P.O.V

I was  standing in the middle of  Principal Robins office, staring at the ticking clock; watching as it's hands move tick by tick. Principal Robins was a bald 40 year old virgin, That's probably the reason why he's always cold and bitter to everybody. Anyways, Principal Robins was ranting on and on about how I shouldn't slap somebody without any reason. I tried telling him several times that it was the girl's fault and that she slapped me firs,t but he just wouldn't listen. 

"Miss Uley, this is the fifth time I told you that you can not punch someone, kick someone, beat someone and definitely kill someone without any reason'' he snapped, 

I rolled my eyes 

He glared at me with his small watery eyes, obviously not amused with my open show of disrespect. He was just pissed that it was his niece's ass I kicked. She was a tramp honestly, she opens her fucking legs for the every guy she sees and you wanna' know the reason why she slapped me? She slapped me because I was talking to her fucking ugly crush. 

"Can you shut up! Don't want to face the fact that everybody knows that your niece is a big slut who opens her legs for every guy she sees. Your being-'' I taunted, an evil smirk plastered on my face. 'Got you there, did I hit the spot' I thought silently but didn't say anything else. I glared at him. I definitely saw him flinch and cower further into his chair.

"I had enough of you Miss Uley! You will go home, and pack your bags your flight leaves tomorrow morning. Your destination is in La Push, Washington. I suggest you pack now so you can leave" he said screamed. ''Oh I definitely see it now you don't wanna face the truth. With the fact you're being biased as well as being old and bitter?'' Taunting him was fun. I can see the vein in his shiny head pulse, I think I named him Bob. 

"Just leave!!!" he screamed again his face getting all red and you can see beads of sweat pouring down his porky head.

''Fine! It's better this fucking hell hole'' I snapped, turning around I stomped to the door pulling it open and slamming it shut with a bang!  

Shit! What time was the flight again?

Well... not before opening it and sheepishly asking, " What time will my flight leave?.''

"Your flight leaves in 9'00 clock Sharp" he answered with a sigh and then rubbing his forehead. 

"Can I leave now?" I asked with a bored tone.

"Just. Just leave!" he said  I've had enough

I quickly made my way out the door and  into the corridor, boys  were staring at me lustfully, while girls were aiming to make a hole in the back of my head. Some hated me, some wanted to be me. It's not my fault I'm 5'9 feet tall, with long wavy brown hair,  smooth flawless skin, long legs, and a rather large chest. I blame my mom for that.

When I  exited the school I immediately made my way into the parking lot and went to my Audi R8 Coupe painted in Matte Black. Unzipping my backpack, I shuffled through it for a few moments and took my car keys out with a loud "HAH''. I shoved my bag in the passenger seat in front and slipped my car keys in the ignition and driving off. But not before doing a complete 180 spin.


My apartment was bigger than your normal apartment. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a storage and a balcony. I'm friends with the landlord so he gave it to me for free, plus I saved him from being killed when he was mugged  2 years ago so he owes me a lot. It was also on the richer side of town. 

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