•Chapter Two•

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"Madam, wake up. Madam?" An echoing voice calls through my door waking me up from my peaceful slumber. All fatigue was suddenly void as my eyes shoot open in excitement. Today we are all meeting our body guards.

"Come in!" I call and another one of our cooks names Robert comes in like he does every morning. Another of which I tried to befriend. And failed, might I add.

"Your breakfast, Madam." He says, bowing and placing my full English breakfast on my bedside table.

"Robert, I've told you before, you can just call me Beatrice-" I try like I do every morning. I hate the formalities we are supposed to have people address me as.

"No, that would be disrespectful." He replies simply and I roll my eyes, which I'm sure didn't go unnoticed but he can't say anything against it anyway.

"Is that all Madam?" He asks as I start to dig into my bacon.

"Yup!" I answer my mouth stuffed, not caring about my manners. I never have anyway.

He bows once again before leaving and I sigh.

Some times I just wish people would just treat me like I am a normal person, not a stupid princess. I am sick of it. If I can't help out with any royal decisions I would like to live like a normal person.

Except I can't do that. Mother said that even if I could make friends I wouldn't know if they were real or just being friends with me because I am the princess. That's what it was like for her growing up and she thinks it's best if I just don't have any at all! 'It'll save you the pain' -She used to say to me.

Pain? I don't understand her logic. I'd like to think that they'd like me for me, not my family or background. But she doesn't understand. She doesn't understand how lonely I get.

But today is the day everything was going to change. From this day forward I will no longer be alone all day, I will have a bodyguard with me. Hopefully he's nice and maybe...just maybe, we could be...friends.

A friend is something I've longed to have, as long as I can remember. And today...my dream could come true.

Susan soon brings up a dress, one my mother picked out- a hideous dress that is a dark red and frilly-not my style at all. I have to out on a stupid corset and yes, it pulls my stomach in and makes my posture better but is hurts like hell!

Once I am dressed I go down stairs and see Father welcoming four people into our castle so I quickly hide, my back pressing against the wall.

Slowly, I peep around the corner and see a boy, a little older than me, tall and muscly, and with magical, blue eyes. His face is like a mask, not showing any of his emotions.

Behind him in an older man with dark skin and a woman with black hair with purple streaks. Lastly is another man with long dark hair tied in a knot at the back of his head. They all wear black clothes- Dauntless clothes- and sport lots of tattoos, however I don't see one on the boy.

They all look very intimidating but I am hoping that I'll become friends with mine if not one of them at leased.

Father shows them into the meeting room and I stay where I am until I hear my mother call me. I walk slowly into to the meeting room, trying to keep my head up high, like I was taught.

I go sit next to Caleb and opposite my mother exactly like yesterday. All the people I saw earlier are sat on the right, the three older people smile slightly as I walk in but the boy just looks straight forward at my Father, waiting for him to start.

"Beatrice," My father begins . "I'd like you to meet, Max-" He points to the dark skinned man, "-Tori-" He point to the woman, "-Amar-" He points to the man with the knot at the back of his head, "-And this is Tobias." Lastly he points to the boy. I smile to him but he doesn't even spare me a glance.

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