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Thankfully it has not snowed in three days, the only evidence of the snow fall from days before is the black sludge littering the dips in the sidewalk. I stare out the large glass windows in the lobby at Vance while I wait patiently for Harry to pick me up.

 Much to my annoyance he has insisted to drive me there each day after our fight over Trevor. I am still surprised that I was able to calm him down the way that I did. I do not know what I would have done if he would have assaulted Trevor in the office, Kimberly would have been forced to call security and Harry surely would have been arrested.

Harry was supposed to be here at four-thirty and it is now five-fifteen. Nearly everyone has left for the day and multiple people have offered to give me a ride home, including Trevor who has been keeping his distance from me since Harry made a scene. I do not want things to be awkward between us and I would still like to be friends, despite Harry's order to stay away from him.

Finally Harry's car pulls into the lot and I step outside into the chilling wind. It is warmer today than it has been, the bright sun adding a small amount of warmth but not enough.

"Sorry for being late, I fell asleep." He tells me as I climb into the warm car.

"It's okay." I assure him and stare out the window.

I am slightly nervous for New Years Eve tonight and I do not want to add fighting with Harry to my list of stressors today. We haven't decided what we are actually doing yet and that drives me insane, I want to know the details and have the entire night planned.

I have been debating whether or not to reply to the text messages that Steph has sent me the last few days. Part of me really wants to see her, to show her and everyone that they did not break me, they humiliated me yes, but I am stronger than they think I am. That being said, the other half of me thinks it will be incredibly awkward to see the group of Harry's friends. I know they will probably think I am an idiot for being with Harry again.

I will not know how to act with Harry around them and honestly I am afraid that everything will be different now that we won't be in our own small bubble anymore. What if he ignores me the entire time or what if Molly is there? My blood boils at the thought.

"Are you mad at me?" Harry's question pulls me from my bitter thoughts of Molly.

"No, it is not that big of a deal." I tell him.

His hand moves from the steering wheel to my thigh and he gently squeezes.

"Where do you want to go?" He asks.

I had earlier mentioned that I need something to wear tonight, regardless of where we go I need something to wear.

"The mall is fine. We need to decide where we are going so I know what to get."

"Do you want to hang out with everyone or just go out the two of us? I am still rooting for staying in."

"I don't want to stay in, we stay in all the time." I smile.

I love staying in with Harry but he used to be out all the time, every single day really, and sometimes I worry if I keep him in the house too much he will get bored with me.

When we arrive at the mall Harry drops me off at the entrance in front of Macy's and I hurry inside. By the time he joins me near the endless racks of dresses I already have three draped over my arms.

"What is that?" Harry scrunches his nose at the canary yellow dress on top.

"A dress. You don't like it?"

"No, that color is hideous." He says.

"You find every color hideous, apart from black of course."

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