Chapter 6

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In The Picture Box Is TD...

(TD Pov)

It Was 4 Something Almost 5 In The Morning And I Was Awoken To Some Shuffling. It Was Coming From Downstairs. I Was Bout Ready To Investigate I Thought We Was Getting Robbed.

I Headed Downstairs And I Heard Low Singing Coming From The Kitchen.

Ima Touch Down And Act Like I Dont Know Niggas

If You Aint Hold Me Down In Jail

You Should Know Nigga That I Dont Fuck With Ya

Cause I Been Ballin For A While Now

[PnB Rock-Ballin]

I Realized Who It Was Cause It Was Her New Favorite Song. I Reached The Kitchen And She Was In Fridge. Hungry Robber.

I Creeped Up And As Cheeks Came Up I Then Yelled Boo And Next Think I Knew A Cold Bag Of Ham Was In My Face.

"Damn Cheeks" I Said Catching It Before It Fell.

"Dumb Fucker" She Said Taking It From My Hand.

"I Thought We Was Getting Robbed" I Said

"Mhmmm" She Said. "Where Your Weapon At?" She Asked.

"I Got Hands" I Said.

"You Just Love Fucking With Me" She Said.

"Maybe... By The Way Morning" I Said.

"Morning Teddy" She Said.

"Can I Have Piece Of Your Sandwich?" I Asked.

"No But You Can Make Yourself One" She Said.

"You Can't Make It For Me?" I Asked.

"Why Should I?" She Asked Me.

"Cause Your My Bestfriend" I Said.

"Whatever..." Cheeks Said. "What You Want In It?" She Asked Me.

"You Know What I Like" I Said While Going To Sit On A Stool.

Cheeks Had On Some Above The Knee Spandex And Sports T And Her Hair Up In Two Buns And She Had On Black And White Roshe Runs... I Think She Was Going Exercising.

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