chapter 1

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Beep beep beep

I groaned turning my alarm off ,it was time for school.

I was still half awake , it is finally my senior year .
I went to the bathroom, my arm hurt a ten times more but it was not too much to bear .

I had a quick shower because I'm already late . I pulled my long sleeved shirt on with a sweat pants and my sneakers .

I don't put much effort into dressing any more , it was just a waste of time.

I stepped down the steps , my abusive father was waiting on me. My father changed alot from my mom's death. He blamed me for everything.

He was sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand , he notices my presents , he looked at me in disgraced.

"you look pathetic,fat and ugly bitch" he said emotionless, I wanted to cry but I held back my tears

I grabbed my bag and was heading out the door.

"wait! Bitch-Anne , aren't you going to say good bye to me "

"bye dad" I sounded weak like he has power over me and i pulled the front door a tear slip down my cheek.

Walking to school was a very nice distance, i didn't had much friends because everyone would tease me and i had a father who does that already.

My brunette hair was being blown in my face, it was cold and windy.

I finally reached school, i pull down my sleeves , i didn't want anyone to see my scars . I had good grades and sit at the back of the class so no one would see it anyways.

Ding ling

"shit!" i said aloud because i was going to be late for class, i started to run but i hit something hard.

"watch where you are going you pig" the school's bad boy Bryan says

"sorry " i muttered , i don't have time for this .I Got myself together and run because i can not get a detention and it would be my first.

I heard Bryan voice fading , i made it to Math class, to my surprise Mr. Roe had not marked the register as yet .

Math class passed in a blurp. It was lunch and I was left alone in the room.

I was very hungry , but i tend to hardly eat anything because my father would leave me to starve.

I gathered my stuff and on one of my books was a note but i just shove it in my pocket.

The library was the first place that popped my head.

"hello annie"

"Hello Mrs Gem "

Mrs Gem is an elderly woman with bright blue eyes that were rear ,her skin was smooth but had wrinkle  around her eyes and hand, her smile was very young.

"made any new friends?" we both know the answer to that question .

"not yet, but i am making a little progress

Lunch was over but school wasn't , it was time for Social Studies . I should've ate lunch man i'm starving . *sigh*

Miss Jones was the devil into a dress , she is in her late 30 , her make up was bright and her hazel eyes shine through .

"Morning class" she said but no one paid attention.

Her smiled was now gone

If looks could kill , she would kill us with no mercy .

"okay since you kids aren't paying attention , you will have a project to do but in groups of 2" is this woman crazy??!!

"this will be half of you grade for the semester, the list will be place as soon as class ends "
Class was hard not the work though , the teacher was the devil.

Class was finally over

Everybody ran to see who got paired with who.

"who is Joe-Ann Stewart?" i looked up and notice somebody i wouldn't expect , it was Bryan Jones.

"i'm Joe-Ann" everybody eyes diverted to me , i hate centre attention , Bryan eyes were about to pop out of his head , what i am about to do is going to be stupid but my mind tells me other wise "run!!" was what my mind was saying and i run away quickly not looking back .
I was out of breath when i reached home i went inside ran upstairs and went into my bed and drifted in to sleep.


Hi guys , i am jamaican and its hard to write in full english but this book is about a depressed fat girl with an abusive father and a rich bad boy love story but its heck of a journey👌👌

Soon update

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