Chapter 12 from FYAZ

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First time Jacks Point of view :- (A/N compare to everyone,  I love Jack  and Canddise the most you will find out  why  Soon )

Okay here it goes, There was only one girl in my Hearth that I really wanted to get married with and want to spend rest of my lifetime with which is Amber. So after Zayne told me I felt better, Like I seriously need to get rid of her, I got to reject her .. just looking at my reputation itself will kill me mating with a Rogue.. Ergggg what is wrong in this Picture I Jack Vermont how copuld I end up with a fucking bitch Rogue just thinking about itself makes me feel so Disguting.

I walked to their Pack as I saw two other chicks one Tan Blonde bitch chick and another Wow coming to think of it she looks almost like Beyonze maybe it could be her clone or something.

I saw my mate wait did I just say Mate errrrgggg what is wrong with me I saw the Bitch which I was faited with. One thing is for sure she is Beautiful, She is really skinny, white as snow skin and petite, she is wearing a skinny sea blue jeans and a long shadow green sleeve T-shirt, She has light Hazel eyes, she is preety Fair and pale, she has the lowest confidence level which is strange for a Rogue, she has Choclate soft curly Hair which cassecated till below her ass. She didn't look anything like a Rogue she looked really Angelic wait did I just say Beautiful , Angelic erggggg only Amber is Beautiful and Angelic and her smell Gosh her scent She smelled like Chocolate chip cookies ergggg I love that smell but I hate her more importantly I hate her Alpha.

I passed there as the two other chicks walked away giving us space, alright so Rogues do understand Privacy..

'' I... Am I... am I your'' she started great even her voice is so Angelic and innocent, I shook my head as I held her arm roughly making sure my nails to bruise her and to make sure she fears me so when I do reject her she will be on her own life while I will be on mines and will never cross by,

I grab her arm roughly purposely applying pain over her arm making sure there will be brusises there, of how angry I am with her and this faith as she looked at me terrified and in pain. Good I thought

'' Listen.. I Jack Vermont is proudly gonna announced that I am rejecting'' I started only to be interrupted by Zayne voice linked in my mind

'' Jack, Do Not Reject her'' Zayne told which made me still to grab her arm hard as I saw her Hazel eyes watery as tears droping silently when she looked so Innocent and helpless... Cry I smirk knowing how she is paining, that was how Amber would have felt like yesterday when her Alpha did that to her. Or the part take her away from me.

'' I wanna reject her,'' I grow Back to Zayne only to be shut down when he used his Alpha tone in my mind Crap..

'' Jack, Accept Her Do Not Reject her this is an Order'' Zayne told using his Alpha tone which made me only to role my eyes as I saw her looking more frighten of me now

'' Are y0u Frighten of me'' I asked her in my Hate stern stiff voice while all she did was to cry more by nodding her head even though I know that what she was implying but like I care a shit I needed answers.

'' When I asked you a question, Answer Me ''I told sternly back to her by bruising her arm more by my grip, my nails going deeper to her skin

'' Yesss.. Please... '' she told softly sniffing and sobbing, good, I let her arm go.... she looked down not wanting to see me.

'' Good," I told when she looks down and turn aside I can smell she is an Omega

" tell me one good reason why" I mind link back Zayne

" think about it Amber" Zayne told which made realized, of corse this could be the perfect revenge. Damn why didn't I think of that.

" I will be taking you home today, Be ready and Pack your things Rogue ''

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