Just like me: phan

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*Phils pov*

I woke up on a dimly lit street, it was getting dark, the moon wasn't out, and it was absolutely freezing. I wasn't sure where I was, so I decided to start walking along the pavement, hoping to get home before 8. The bruises on my legs and forearms ached, as did my head, from when they finally knocked me unconscious and left me there.
*Dans pov*

We left him there. He was bleeding on the pavement, his black hair smothered across his face, tears spilled from his eyes, we had never gone this far, I couldn't help but think it was too much.

'Guys...we can't leave him here it's probably illegal' I smirked, hoping they wouldn't think I cared.

'What is it Howell? You a faggot too?' James spat back, kicking the boy for the final time.

'No, I just...doesn't matter' I muttered. The rest of the boys began walking back, it was late, and they didn't want to get caught. I stared at the boy on the ground, the one we continuously picked on at school , we mostly called him faggot, I wasn't sure of his actual name.

'HOWELL C'MON!' Chris yelled.

I sighed at the boy and began running behind them.

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