Part 1 - Winsome Lass & Bonny Boy: The Courtship

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A Winsome Lass                      by  sloanranger / VLSloan

She was a winsome lass with a bit ‘o sass,

looking for a handsome he.

A manly lad, “Can ye cook,” he said,

“keep house and live in a tree?”

With a nod and a wink she said: “What do y’think,

I fell off the wagon last night?”

“Well no, I guess, and that’s a lovely dress.”

He dinnae want to get in a fight.

“How high is the tree, how big does it be;

is the house sure sturdy and strong?”

“I’ve not measured the height, but it seems all right

and the ladder, it be very long.”

“You never said why ye live in a tree;

boy, that’s a little unusual.”

“Well, it’s nice and I get a view that is free.”

His logic was irrefutable.

“I don’t want to be mean but what can ye cook,”

he said, looking quite serious.

“Well, I can make beans and I can make bread,

sure and they’ll make you delirious.”

“And how many lasses have ye asked so far,

to come and live in ye'er tree?”

“You’re the first," he sighed, "but if ye decline,

I’ve in mind another three.”

She pondered this for quite a while, finally she became coy:

“Ye know,” she smiled, “I thought from the first - ye are a bonny boy.”

“Well, tell your Ma and tell your Da, that we’ll be going up soon.”

“Sure,” she said, “but ye bring that chimp I'll nae be going wi' you.”

(To be continued).

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