Chapter 9 Studio and Tests.

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*Chapter 9 Studio and  Tests*

*Alison's P.O.V. December 22, 2015. 4:00 P.M.*

"Ali. You can't seriously still be mad at me," Spencer said. I got off the bed and sat down on the chair and looked out the window.

"Ali. Please," He groaned. I ignored him. I got my phone from my backpack. I sat back on the chair. I put in my headphones and played the song About you know by Miranda Cosgrove. I looked out the window.

"Alison Sinclair. We've been on this room for an hour now. First you cry, break down. Then you refuse to listen to me and throw pillows at me. When I finally get you to listen to me. I explain myself to you and you still end up crying. I try to comfort you but you push me away. Next you get mad. Now your ignoring me. You need to talk to me. I said sorry and you know I meant it. I didn't mean to make you cry," He said. My heart sank but my blood was boiling.

"Ali...... Please........ Talk to me," He said. I turned my chair around and faced the window fully. He turned me around. He was sitting on the ground. He looked up at me.

"Say something," He yelled.

"Stop yelling. They'll hear you," I said.

"This room is sound proof. The door is locked. We're fine," He said and got up.

I got up. I grabbed him by the collar. I pushed him against the wall. He was shocked. I looked at him.

"Since we was in First grade till now. That's like 12 years. For 12 years. I've liked you. Hell I don't know what you would call that. I don't even know if I like you. All I know is that Whenever you laugh, I wanna laugh. When you smile and or smirk it makes my stomach turn. It makes me want to smile along. It makes my heart jump. When you tease me, it makes me blush. Then when you went your own way in 7th grade. It made my heart sink but even then I still loved you the same. The hardest part wasn't losing you. No, it was learning to live without you. Which to tell you the truth. I couldn't learn. I'm lucky I had Emily and Mom. Otherwise. I wouldn't be alive," I said.

"Then when you hold some other girl or that other girl's hand. When you kiss another girl. When you sleep with another girl. When you flirt with another girl. When you do these things it makes my heart sink slowly to my feet. It makes me lose my energy. It makes me cry, depressed. It makes me break down," I said looking at his eyes. He opened his mouth but I put my finger on his lips.

"It shatters my heart every time. It makes my heart into a million tiny pieces. It makes me break into a million pieces, but even after my heart breaks like that. I get jealous very easily. In the end I forgive you. In the end," I said.

"In the end.... I still Love You. So you kissing her while I was watching. It broke me but I forgave you. I've loved you for the longest time. So this that happened. Isn't going to change that. I tried to forget about you but in the end. I couldn't do that," I said. I cupped his face and looked into his eyes. His arms went around my waist.

"I couldn't forget about you. I don't know why. Every guy I looked at. All I saw was you. All I thought of was you and when you kiss me. There are butterflies in my stomach, fireworks explode, electricity starts to flow, and I feel a spark. I can't be with someone else. Even if this marriage falls apart and we aren't together anymore. I will wish you a happy life and a successful marriage with someone that will make you happy. If we aren't together anymore. Then I will come to your 2nd wedding happily but I will never marry. I can't and I wouldn't. I don't have the heart to say I love you to someone that I know I don't love. I can't love anyone else but you. I only trust you. You stole my heart. You can break it or keep it but in the end. I will always love you," I said. He flipped us around. I was against the wall.

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