Imagine #1

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how you met

Your running down the street. You just saw your boyfriend and he dumped you, For that bitch, Mallory. 

"THAT WHORE!" You scream sitting at a cross walk. You feel the tears streaming down your face.

"Hey I take offence to that." A voice says next to you. You look over to see a tall man staring strait ahead. He looks at you and smiles. Wow that is gorgeous. His eyes are so beautiful and those Glasses are hoot. 

"Oh." You laugh."Sorry not.. not you uh someone else." 

"What happened?" He says walking with you across the empty street. 

"Um. My boyfriend dumped me for this girl." You shook your head. He stopped in his tracks. 

"What ever asshole would do that is crazy." He says, "And that girl, She had to of been a supermodel because she couldn't be near as beautiful as you." You turn to look at him. 

"She was a waitress," You stated,"And you don't know he's crazy you've known me for all of 5 minutes." You say. 

"6 and 30 seconds, and you know how I know?" He grabs your hand and looks into your eyes, "Because I've been counting how long I have until I have to loose you, Possibly forever." He speaks. Your eye fill with tears. He kisses you with soft lips.

"If I we're your ex, I would never want to loose you." He said. He pulled me in for a kiss. I cried into his shoulder. 

Present time

Brendon looks at you. The street lights hit his eyes so perfectly.

"Whats that smile for?" 

"Just thinking of how perfect you are, even when we first met." 

"I Love you so much (Y/N)"

"I love you too Brendon Boyd Urie." He kisses you sweetly and deeply, there, under the streetlight, by the cross walk, where you met.

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