Chapter 2: The damage done is far beyond repair

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Chapter two! Yay!
I love to write this story so far! I hope y'all like it. It's 3 am here in my country, and I just finished writing. I should probably get some sleep now 😅 I hope you like the new chapter! Let me know what you think!


Josh was laying on his back on the left side of the bed. Tyler was laying on his right side, resting his head on Josh's chest. Josh had his arm around Tyler, and Tyler had his' around Josh. Jimmy was in the room next to them now, playing with his toys.
Josh caressed Tyler's hair.

"Hey Ty?" Josh mumbled.
"Yeah Joshy?" Tyler answered.

"I'm scared", Josh mumbled. .
Tyler frowned.
"For what Joshy?" He asked a little confused.

Josh sighed and looked at Tyler. Tyler looked up into Josh's eyes.

"I don't know how to... Y'know... How do I... How do I 'dad'?" He mumbled.

Tyler was silent for a few seconds.

"You're asking me how to be a dad?" Tyler asked.

"Is that what you're scared of? Of not being a good dad?" Tyler asked.

Josh blushed. "Yeah I guess..." He blushed.

Tyler chuckled lightly and pressed a kiss on his lips.

"Don't be scared, baby. It comes naturally. The few weeks you spent with Jimmy were already great. You were great. How you greeted him on the airport and how you've been acting towards Jimmy so far here at home... It's just amazing. I couldn't be happier with a husband and a daddy for my son like you. You're going to kick parenthood's ass. You're gonna be great", Tyler said and Josh smiled with a blush.

"You're so sweet, baby. I love you", Josh said as he kissed Tyler.

"But still... It's gonna be a full-time thing now. You know how to do the whole thing. You've been an amazing dad for the past three and a half years", Josh said.

Tyler crawled up and sat down on top of Josh. He bent forward so his chest was on Josh's and hugged him.

It took Josh ages to convince Tyler that the bullet hole was almost healed and hardly hurt. Eventually Tyler believed him.

Tyler wasn't really putting his weight on it or anything. He made sure of that.

"You're going to be an amazing dad. I promise. It doesn't matter that I've raised Jimmy for the past three and a half years alone. Because he's only four. And he has a whole life ahead of him. And he isn't moving out yet", Tyler chuckled.

"He's far from that age. All the memories that Jimmy is going to remember when he's 18, will be made from now on. You can hardly remember things before the age of four. So don't be afraid, don't be sad, okay? Because Jimmy missed you a lot and he's very happy you're back, but all the memories he will still have of when he was younger, are going to be with you and me both", Tyler said.

A tear slipped from Josh's eyes.

He quickly wiped it away and smiled, but Tyler took his hand in his', so he couldn't wipe the other tears away.

"I'm sorry", Josh mumbled. Tyler smiled and kissed him. "Don't be sorry, beautiful. Everything is gonna work out. There isn't a "How to Dad" guide. You just follow your heart. And of course there are some things you need to take care of and you need to know and pay attention to certain things, like when Jimmy takes naps or what he's playing with and if he can put it in his mouth and choke on it, or how much he eats, what he eats, etc. But I'll help you with that. And Jimmy is safe in his room. And since he's already four he knows he shouldn't try to eat or swallow his toys. There's nothing dangerous in his room. Kids learn fast. Jimmy is alright, and you're going to be too", Tyler said.

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