Short on Gold

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(Please read the description, it is the prologue)

Y/N- your characters fake name
YR/N- your characters real name

"Do you know where we are Millah?" I asked her as we walked into a another Nordic city.

"Hmm... Oh, yes! We are in Whiterun!! They haven't chosen a side in the war, so that means they won't be as suspicious about us. Whiterun is actually one of my favorite nordic cities, besides Winterhold."

"I feel like you say that about every city we go to..." I sighed.

"Hey! I'd never say that about that dumb Windhelm Stormcloak place!"

"I don't think any dark elf likes Windhelm..." I sighed again.

"Hey Y/N?"

"Yes, Millah?"

"How much gold do we have? I'm kinda hungry..." She said, as we walked through the market part of Whiterun."

I took the coin purse out of my  pocket and dumped out the coins in my palm.
"About 6" I sighed.

"Ugh, those stupid mean ol' Nords in Windhelm took all our gold!!!" Millah stammered, drawing attention.

"I know, but please stop acting childish for once, Millah..." I scuffed.

"Well, maybe you should've fought back, you're such a good fighter, why didn't you-"

I glared at Millah, which made her quiet for now.

"Sorry..." She muttered.

"Looking for work? I'd suggest go into the inn over there, you'll find a lead there, travelers..." The man pointed to an inn that said "Bannered Mare" on the front sign. The man had iron armor on, and had blond hair that was tied back.

"Oh, thank you..." I nodded to the man. He nodded in return, then walked away.

I opened the door to the inn, and walked in.

"That Nord thought we were idiots! I've been here before! I know were things are!!! Nords are just so infuriating sometimes!!!" Millah yelled, drawing more attention, again... She seemed to have a knack for doing that.

I looked around to see a room mostly Nords staring at us.

"Come on inn you two, you're welcome here, feel free to sit by the fire..." The innkeeper smiled, trying to be as polite as  possible.

I walked over to a bench by the fire, and Millah followed.

"Sorry, again Y/N... It's just-!" Millah muttered, flustered.

"It's alright, Millah... Just sit down for a bit and warm up..."

"Okay..." She took a deep breath.

"Hey, you want anything on the menu?" A redguard waitress said.

"Just some bread, please..." I replied, and handed her 5 gold.

"Alright, here you go..." The waitress handed me the bread, and I nodded as a thank you. She then walked away, and started sweeping.

"Here..." I say quietly to Millah, as I handed her the bread.

"Oh, thank the gods, I thought you were actually going to let me starve!!! Er- I mean thank you..."Millah smiled. "Wait... How much gold do we have?" Millah asked worriedly, as she are some bread.

I swallowed hard. "Only 1..." I said.

Millah choked on her bread a bit. "1?!" She whisper yelled. "Just 1... Wait- you spent it on me?! Were are we going to sleep?!"

"I-I'll figure something out..." I said, tiredly.

Millah sighed. "Wait... I should've saved some of the bread..."

"*sigh* that would've been smart, but it'll be okay..." I smiled. She smiled back, and watched the fire.

"Hey, lovely, you're really hot, especially for an elf..." A drunken Nord slurred, placing a hand on Millah's shoulder.

"Hey, get off me!!" Millah slapped his hand.

"Oh don't resist... Say I'll give you some gold if you-"

"Enough!" I yelled, stood up, and quickly punched him in the face. He fell over, and blood oozed out of his nose. It was quite a punch...

Millah sat in awe.

The whole inn sat in silence. Then the noise started back up after a few long seconds.

"Hey." A deep Nordic voice said behind me.

I turned around.

"That was some fine fighting... If you're up to it you should join the Companions, up in Jorrvaskar." The man had war paint around his eyes, and stubble, his deep brown hair fell a bit below his jaw line, and he held a book in his hand.

"Who are the companions?" I asked, and I heard Millah facepalm behind me.

"They're a group of fearless fighters, much like the fighters guild..." He said.

"And why should I join a bunch of Nord mercenaries?" I raised an eyebrow.

"We aren't mercenaries! And there's another dark elf in the group."

"Oh, so you're one of them...." I sneered.

"Ugh... You're very stubborn..." He huffed.

"Well, you seem very stubborn yourself...." I crossed my arms.
I heard Millah giggle in the background.

The man glared at her for a second, then back at me.

"Fine, but if you want to earn some gold, and learn to fight better, then you'll know were to go." He scuffed, dropped something in my hand, then walked out of the inn

"He seemed kinda rude, but cute..." Millah giggled. "You like him, don't you?" She whispered.

I became flustered. I then looked what he dropped in my hand. It was a count purse filled with about 200 gold.

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