Lindsey's Pov (She should be 15 now... maybe... possibly... I'm not sure...)


I sat on my bed as I stroked my new Kitten, Lightning. She was a Calico and she had a small scar on the side of her cheek in the shape of a lightning bolt, which I named her for. She had a shit ton of Energy and was just plan adorable.

"Hey Lindsey! Can you come to the kitchen?!" I heard Dad ask me and I stood up, picking up my kitty.

"What's up?" I asked then I looked up. There stood the guy I never wanted to see again.

My uncle...

"Dad... why- Who is he?" I asked as I felt my face pale.

"Oh you remember me Lindsey. its me. Your Uncle Ray!" Ray said as he smiled at me. I took a step back and looked at Emile and Masae.

"S-Sorry? W-Who?" I asked, acting confused. I don't want to remember him, I don't want to see him, I don't want him anywhere near my family.

He laughs at me then smiles. "You know. Uncle Ray, the guy who babysat you for years." he reminded me and I took another step away from him. By babysat he means do things to me, things I never want to speak about...

"I-I'm going to the living room... I need to record a bit of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. Dad can I use your DS? mines in for repairs as my right D-pad button is broken and I cant play Xenoblade without that button" I giggled softly. I was button mashing my D-pad and broke it... by accident of course.

"Of course! actually you said you wanted to do the Multiplayer part correct? why don't I join you, I could use Masae's Ds since she wont mind at all." Emile smiled as Masae smacked his shoulder. I could tell Emile saw the fear in my eyes.

"Well I'm heading to the store to get Christmas gifts and food. Thanks for visiting Mr. Ray." Masae said as she grabbed her purse, showing Ray out. she shut the door behind him, and locked it tight.

"Lindsey are you okay?" Emile asked me and I shook my head, sitting down on a stool.

"I-I thought he was gone... I-In prison... o-out of my life... B-But he's not... H-he's back..." I whispered as Lightning jumped out of arms. Tears were threatening to spill and for once. For once in a very long time.

I was Terrified about what could happen to my family... its been four years since anything bad has happened... maybe our safe streak has ended...


(( This story is coming very close to an end. I don't really know how it'll end yet but I'm very happy I've kept this story going for as long as I have. I hope you've guys enjoyed this book, seeing me get better at writing and a hit ton of other things! Hope you guys have an amazing day and don't forget to VOTE and COMMENT!  I'll see you guys later! Take Care!))



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