-Alice's POV-

I shot up from my bed. I practically ran towards the bulletin board in our dorm, but remained calm, took a shower, left my room with Malfoy still sleeping (He's the head boy. I'm the head girl) and woke my friend, Camila, instead. 

"Hey Cam! Come on, big news at the bulletin board! Chop chop!" I throttled her.

"Hey," She replied with a sheepish grin. She's like an angel! I wonder how she got stuck in Slytherin. But then, how did I get in here too? The talking hat has finally gone lunatic or something.

After she got ready, we went down. We reached the board and scanned the list for our names. 

"Hey! I found your name here!" Cam exclaimed. I quickly shot my gaze towards her direction. I found my name! Let's see...and my partner is...Harry Potter! OMG My heart is having a failure! It's getting difficult to breathe...

"Helllo~anyone in there? Knock knock?" Cam waved her hand infront of me.

"Huh? What? Oh, nothing. I mean it's nothing." I stammered.

"Okkay...You look kind of pale. Are you sure?"

"Yep. By the way, who's your partner?"

"Ronald Weasly. He's a friend of Potter, right? We can stick together!" She grinned.

I grinned back. We made our way for breakfast.

-Draco's POV-

I groaned. I opened my eyes and shot a glance at Alice's bed. Empty. Whatever. I got ready and went for breakfast, without checking who my partner's supposed to be. I couldn't care less.

-Harry's POV-

"Harry! Harry!"

I rubbed my eyes and opened them to see Ron shaking me awake. 


"Your partner! Bloody- I mean your partner is Alice Taylor! She's the hottest girl in Hogwarts! And maybe the whole of England!"

My eyes, which had closed back to sleep, shot back open.

"What? She's a Slytherin! Now what?"

"Well, she can't follow you into the bathroom, so you can pull out your cloak..."

"Maybe. Ron, who's your partner?"

"Camila James! She looks so...innocent. She's best friends with Alice!"

"Ron, how can a Slytherin look innocent? If she's best friends with Taylor, she's definitely not innocent"

"But she is! Just wait! Let's go and see her!"

"Fine. Just let me put my socks on"


-Alice's POV-

My toast crunched between my teeth. I chewed, then swallowed it with the help of some orange juice. Meanwhile, Cam was going like-

"Will he like me? Or will he act all cold? He looks nice though. Do we have to hold hands? Cause that'll be weird. Do we have the same classes? Or do we separate during classes and only get together during free time or-"

"Gosh Cam! Shut up! Ask Snape if you want."

"But you're the head girl. didn't you hear something?"

"No, but you may ask the head boy if you want. He's right over there."

Cam dashed towards Malfoy and his gang, leaving me alone in silence. Gosh she's a chatterbox, isn't she? How can she eat while she talks so much? Seriously, she ate like, five toasts and twelve bacon. I was on my second toast when Harry made his way over to me. He stiffly held out his hand for me to shake as he said,

"I hate this as much as you do, but let's just keep civil to each other."

Instead of saying something weird like, 'I love this!' I just roughly shook his hand with a glare, and turned on my heels and left for my next class. He'll catch up, I suppose.

-Harry's POV-

There was a jolt in my heart when her hand came in contact. What was that? Her hand is so...soft. No way, I can't fall for her. I saw the green highlights in her honey blond hair. Right, she's a Slytherin. I muttered to myself and followed her for my class


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