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I was in the bottom deck of the ship, darkness all around me. We weren't allowed to open the door that leads to the top deck to get some light in. The only time we could go up there and escape this pit of hell was when we were being punished for reasons that we didn't need to be punished for.

I was sat in the corner of the lower deck, my legs to my chest, my long dark brown hair falling in my front of me. We weren't allowed to wash either, we all stank down here and the smell of vomit and fesses weren't helping the aroma at all. We were on this ship for a good eight months and I was beginning to miss home.

All of a sudden I felt the ship come to a stop and it shook roughly, the door to the top deck was yanked open and I shielded my eyes from the light that suddenly filled the lower deck. As my eyes adjusted to the light and I looked around as I can finally see everything around me. All the people the captured were women, all of them around my age, eighteen. I saw all the vomit and fesses and felt myself gag, but before I could throw up myself I heard one of the officers call down into the lower deck.

"Everyone start making their way up here, now!" He instructed to no one in particular and then disappeared from view. I was the only one who understood so I used all of my strength to get up. I fell over the first time I stood up, scraping my knee. I hissed but when I stood up again I held my balance.

"ܐܳܟܶܠܩܰܪܨܐܐܶܡܰܪ ܗ̄ܘܐ ܝܺܬܶܒ ، ܒ "
("The devil said to get up")

I shouted out and everyone started to get up slowly, they all looked in pain but I could tell all they wanted to do was leave and hopefully be free from this hell. But I could tell that that's not what they're going to do.

I was the first to try and make my way up the ladder; everyone else had barley gotten up from their places. I took it nice and slow, my whole body was aching but I pushed through, knowing that when I get to the top deck I could finally see the light that I've been deprived of for so long. I was almost at the top when I saw an arm come through the door and roughly grab a hold of mine I yelp in pain but that did seem to stop the officer from pulling at my arm, dragging me to the top deck. I landed with a thump on my side, the pain I had previously felt was nothing compared to the pain coursing through my body now. I curled up into a ball to try and ease the pain but before I could, I felt a hand roughly grab my arm again.

"Stand up, you bitch!" I heard being yelled in my ear before being pushed to the officer on the edge of the deck. As I opened my eyes I saw stairs leading to a harbour and I sighed out a breath of relief and slowly started making my way to the person in uniform at the bottom of the stairs.

My bare foot touched the harbour and before I was yanked on the upper arm. The officers hand were gripping my skin so tightly I was sure it would leave another bruise. He was moving so fast, I kept on tripping over my feet to try and keep up with him.

We walked and walked until we got to an open field and I could see people gathered there, mostly old men with their horses. I looked behind me see the people on the ship also being taken and brought to the group of old men. Oh no. This can't be what I think it is.

I came to a stop but the officer still held on to my forearm roughly. I wanted to hiss in pain but I knew I would get a slap in the face for being disruptive and that's one thing I don't want.

I looked to my left to see all the girls lined up after me. They were all dirty, in the clothes that they were held captive in. I looked down at what was my favourite white dress, now ripped at the bottom with dirt and blood covering it, I couldn't save it.

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