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Yandere!Deadlox x Yandere!Depressed!Reader

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Okay, um, not sure what to do. Yandere x yandere....yeah.

Y/n pov

I stabbed my last victim. I didn't even smile. Killing all these people just seemed....I dunno....depressing? (No idea what I'm doing!) Maybe it was the fact that the few friends I had were disappearing as well? Anyways, I was doing all of this for the guy of my dreams. His name was Ty. Now, people liked Ty. So I killed them. No one can like my things except me! So now, I was casually walking down the school halls, the body in a closet. That's when I seen a blood pool. I assumed I must have forgotten to burn a body, so I followed it. I didn't to see what I saw. It was Ty, holding a knife, covered in blood, standing over the last 'friend' I had. "Whoa what?" I muttered, curiously staring at him. He spun around, gasping. A look of horror, cross his face. Then he seen my blood soaked clothes, it turned to confusion. "Is that Rick?" I asked, pointing at the mutilated body. "Um....y-yeah? Who's blood is that?" He pointed at my shirt. I sheepishly laughed, "Um, Jessica's." He chuckled, "Wait, the girl who liked me?" I nodded. "Did we just pull a double yandere thing?" I laughed, "I guess so." "Well," He said, "Since we  both basically killed everyone for each other, wanna go out?" "OHMYGOD YES! I mean, cool sure whatever."

Yeah, not so much depression. Buuuuut yeah.
Requested by ClockworkTimeIsUp

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