7.2. Awkward

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Chapter # 7.2

Aleena's POV

They were standing face to face with just a few feet distance.

Dad and Ibraheem bhai..... finally; finally the day came, the day I yearned for years the day Dad and I waited for so long.

But why the distance? Why was the environment in my lounge felt like stingy and suffocated. I always imagined this day full of tears and hugs, warm embraces and old talks but there was nothing like that.

Bhai was looking at dad in such a dry way as if there was no emotion in him and Dad, I knew dad wanted to hug him and cry over his shoulder and ask for forgiveness but bhai didn't let him to and that made my heart ache badly.

"you heard me right. I have no emotions in my heart for you" he repeated his words as Dad stared him blankly.

"yeah. I once had, I even used to wait for the person as my Dad but then I grew up and realized it was just a childish wish, a joke my heart was playing with me to keep me happy"

"I realized there is no such person who will come to hug me and throw me up in the air and then catch me back then I will laugh and he will kiss my forehead. And a person who will come to my school meet my friends and I will proudly call him....my dad"

I gulped the lump down my throat, I could not look at his face as Dad was looking down now shaking his head dejectedly but I didn't have to look at his face to know how shattered he was.

"Hey am sorry! I guess I have bored you all. Right?" bhai stated all coolly looking at him and then at me. "because I did not come here for any emotional talk or warm hugs and that kinda shit" he added. Dad looked up at him.

I could see pain on his face and that sting in his words. He was hurt himself.

"forgive me son!" dad's voice was low and not more than a plea. As much as I hated that I knew it was important as well, inevitable I guess.

"I can't" he stated as a matter of fact tone and I frowned. "I can't because trust me when I say this, I did not give a damn you were there for me or not"

"Bhai please!" I took a step towards him but he raised his index stopping me from any further his gaze was still fixed on dad.

"It's my Mom" he added, dad's face muscles went tensed and jaws clenched. "unfortunately your ex wife...

"your Mom is still my wife"

"Ah!" Bhai chuckled sarcastically as dad uttered. "I wonder if a husband abandons his wife for some 20 years and then out of nowhere comes back and states that Darling! You are still my wife lets celebrate...wow! You deserve an applause Mr Khawar Ali Randhawa!" he clapped his hand as he mockingly stated, I felt a lump in my throat.

"am your father" Dad tried to keep his voice strict but he couldn't. he still sounded tired and defeated.

"No. you are just a man standing in front of me, a man I don't know. And I will never call you dad unless and until my mom forgives you" bhai stated firmly.

He took a few steps towards Dad and stood right in front of him peering straight into his eyes. "mujh se nai meri maa se maafi mangiye. Jin ko bees saal rulaaya hea apne her her aansoo k liye maafi mangni hogi. Meri ragon mein apka khoon hea na...shaid isi liye I behaved like a pervert with her following my father's footsteps" his eyes were throwing fire at Dad.

I knew this all will happen then why it was paining like hell? I cant see my Dad like this...doesn't matter whats the reason I just cant stand him like that broken and shattered.

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