Chapter 19

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Stealing Hearts 7/10/13

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Allison’s POV

To say they were shocked was an understatement. Even Louis and Harry who were doing unmentionable things, stopped in shocked. Niall had this stupid irresistible grin plaster onto his face. I press the end button after getting no reaction after a few minutes. My ribs hurt like hell. Every time I move it’s like an electric shock running up and down your body. Painful. I do think that if I told anybody they would go insane. I hide my emotion behind my grey eyes, shielding out everyone. Ashley is half asleep on my arm, her eyes droopy.

“Ashley honey. I know you care about me, but there’s not much you can do. Go back up to your room and get a good night sleep in your own bed.” She nods sleepishly standing up to leave. Niall nods as if saying he’ll take her back up there. I mouth a thank you to him watching as they walk out of my hospital room to the elevators leaving my room in silence. Breathing even hurts from these stupid ribs.

“Are you okay?” Paul questions. His Irish accents sounds more accented in my silent room. His hazel eyes bore into my gray emotionless ones. My sides burn and ache every time I do a damn thing.

“Yeah, why?” I easily let the lie slide off my tongue. He try’s looking into my eyes but they give nothing away. Cathy told me I should become a poker player, since I have such a good poker face.

“You’re lying.” Or not.

“I’m not lying. So why are you calling me a liar?” Paul rolls his eyes walking from the wall to the chair next to me. I pull my hair back messily with my one free hand. I try and ignore the pain shooting up my sides.

“Your eyes turn cold every time ya try and hide somethin’.” He states as if I didn’t already know this.

“Look Paul. You’ve known me for maybe a week and half. You don’t-“

“There ya go again. I bet I know more bout ya than most people. Don’t even try getting outta of this one.” He exclaims crosses his arms over his chest. He’s right. This stupid boyband even knows my own name. Then there’s Paul who knows my whole fucking story. My walls have been broken, and the fallen pieces have been crushed by workers coming in and fixing the wounds.

I am suffering hell right now. Every time I breathe it feels as if someone is stabbing a knife in my sides. Pains shoot up every time I move the slightest inch. The pain is almost unbearable but I’m too damn stubborn to have anyone look after me. What I feel means nothing. “It’s just like someone poking you hard. I can deal with it.” I actually say. He gives me a skeptical look questioning my answer.

“Are you sure?” He asks slowly. Rolling my eyes, I reply with a yes. He nods he’s head slowly still not a hundred percent sure he should trust my faulty answer.

“How about this. I will call you if the pain becomes unbearable. Deal?” More like can I call you now? He nods fully agreeing to this.

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