A Rogue Cyberman

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The Doctor ran over and looked out the window, then grinned.

"Ooooohhh! That's exciting! That there, that is very exciting!"  I agreed, but we still had to stop this.

"Doctor! We've got to stop them!" I said, then I ran over to the door, and saw that the hallway was filled with them, then shut it again. "Now how do we get out?" I asked him. The Doctor adjusted his bow tie and looked out.

"They need some sort of target to focus on so that one of us can run to the control room over there." He pointed to what seemed to be the room most filled with Cybermen. Then he looked at me. "Airiana, you know how I sometimes have really great ideas?"

"Yeah? So?" I asked. He grabbed my head, gave me a kiss on my forehead, then ran out into the hallway.

"Look at me! I'm a target!" He shouted. All the Cybermen turned to him as he ran down the hall. They began to follow him, shooting him.

"Idiot!" I shouted at him, then ran to the control room and started fiddling with all of the controls, trying to get the laser to go away. All I managed to do was mess up their monitor. Then I took a deep breath and slowed down. Something that Suzie had always taught me. Don't try to turn the big gun off too fast, or else you'll make it worse. So I looked at the buttons. They appeared to be organized in a certain way. Two of them were big and surrounded by littler buttons. I figured that one of them must be to turn the thing off, and the other to set it off. And the little buttons probably made the gun either stronger or weaker. But which one?

"AIRIANAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I turned to see the Doctor running in with his hands in the air, followed by a load of Cybermen.

"Doctor!" I shouted, backing against the controls. I didn't know which button to press! And I didn't have time to scan it with my screwdriver, so I decided to just slam both hands on both buttons. Just as I was about to do it, a Cyberman came up behind me and pulled me away!  I fought him as hard as I could, but now I could see why Dad never let me near these things. They were bloody strong!

"Take the female to the upgrading chamber." One of the Cybermen ordered.  "Delete the male."

"No no no!" I screamed, fighting against the metal man. "Doctor!" I wasn't worried about me being ugraded, but he was going to be killed.

"Airiana! Grab my screwdriver and put two sonics together!" He shouted, throwing me his screwdriver. I grabbed it, yanked my screwdriver out of my pocket and put them together, creating the most annoying noise of all time. All the Cybermen put their hands to their ears and screamed in pain. The Doctor grabbed my hand and we ran again, but they had stopped screaming and were closing the door. The Doctor just go out, but the door slid shut and our hands seperated as he slid under.

"Airiana!" He shouted, banging on the door.

"Doctor!" I shouted back, standing up. Then I turned and all the Cybermen were looking at me. "Oh crap!" One came up and took me by the neck. I felt it squeeze, but it didn't completely close off my windpipe. I looked at the Cyberman, my blood boiling.

"You monsters had better know that if you kill the Doctor, I will personally blow up this ship and end all existence of Cybermen." The Cyberman didn't move.

"Just do as I say, and you and the Doctor will make it out alive and the moon won't be destroyed." I looked at him, confused.

"What the hell?" The Cyberman didn't answer me as he dragged me back over to the other Cybermen.

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