I love you eleanore". I said  as she started to jump out I kissed her one last time the private plane we were in was going down due to a engine failure on the left side   "I will always love you Louis Tomlinson said  they adjusted the final strap on her paracute   we were both in tears as I took my final glance at her as she jumped out  I knew it was the last moments for me for all five of us  harry was a mess of tears "you were a great bandmate harry". I said patting his shoulder "you to". he said  as we got closer to the ground we all huddled together and we all recited with tears in our eyes  "ONE BAND ONE DREAM ONE DIRECTION". and started singing moments as we hit the ground harry had just finished his last and final solo in the song ............................forever................

**********end of flashback**********

we all watched over our fans as they placed candles around our graves they were balling there eyes out if only that jet didn't break down if only they put enough paracutes on for all of us if that had happened we would be standing on that stage in san fransisco singing to our adoring fans crying tears of joy as we sing to them  instead of our bodies being six feet under and our fans crowding around us crying not tears of joy but tears of sadness we suddenly saw a flash and we woke up in a house   "what the hell". zany said "wait if were still here were still alive". I said I ran and grabbed my phone but it slipped right through my hand I had fear written on my face  "you saw that right". I said to niall "clearly". he said  later me and harry passed by eachother bur we went right through each other we stopped exactly in the position we were in and turned to face each other  we ran through each other again to cinfirm that we did "did you....". I said "I think so." harry said so that means were"... I said "GHOOOOOSTS" we both screamed we realized after we got to  the house it was the flat we owned while we were human we soon figured out someones buying it and that pissed us off more than eny thing theyre  not gonna know what hit them



I couldn't stop balling writing this story its just soooo sad I keep thinking it really happened ya know

sorry if it was crap

ill put more up tomorrow morning maybe some time tommorow

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