"What?" Louis yelled as soon as I got off the phone. "Harry is dating Taylor Swift?" I looked at Harry and gave him a I'm-sorry look.

he sighed then said "um..ya Simon is making me. He said something about it promoting us." All the guys looked around at each other with what looked like confused and sad looks upon their faces.

"Why do you have to date her? Why couldnt Niall?" Zayn asked. Niall stood up and said "Hey! Why doesn't Zayn date her?" he was getting a little mad. they were getting in each others face's.

"because I have a girlfriend!" Zayn yelled in Niall's face. "I do too!" Niall yelled even louder in Zayn's face. I stood up and jumped in between them pushing them away from each other.

"Guys, they had Harry date her because he was..was s-single. Just get over it!" I felt a tear roll down my cheek. great. now I'm crying infront of all the guys. "I-I'm sorry." I said softly before I ran to the bathroom on the bus and locked the door behind me. I sat down on the floor with my back on the door. I cried with my head in my hands. 'why can't I be just a normal girl with normal teenage problems?' I thought to myself. *knock knock* "Carter, can I come in?.... Please." Harry said. I thought about it for a minute before I stood up and wiped my eyes. I unlocked the door and sat on the counter. Harry opened the door and came in. he locked the door after closing it. "Carter what's wrong?" He asked me. I looked away. he waited a minute, but then cupped my face in his hands and made me look at him. "Carter, what is wrong?" he asked again. "just like a minute ago, did you hear what I said to Zayn and Niall?" I said as I wiped my eyes again from the tears that were rolling out of them. "you said that I was dating her because I was single, and that they should get over it." he replied with a soft, sad tone as he realized why I was crying. "Carter, I-I am soo sor-" before he could finish what he was saying I grabbed his face and kissed him. once we broke apart I gave him the best fake smile I could make and walked out of the bathroom. I closed the door to leave Harry with his thoughts and saw Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn standing outside of the bathroom door. they all gave me a group hug. for the third time in the past 5 minutes, I wiped my eyes again. "thank you." I said before I walked over to the bunks and got on my bed. I just laid there starring at the ceiling for a while.

After a while I heard all the guys whispering. that went on for like 10 minutes before I got off my bed and walked over to them. "you know I can hear that you guys are whispering." I said as I sat down on the couch. I looked at all the guys as they just stared at me. I looked at Harry, and sure enough he gave me a smile. I smiled back at him but then he walked out of the room to his bunk. I gave the guys a confused look. "so, how are you feeling, Carter?" Niall asked. as he and the other guys sat down around me. "fine. why?" I looked at Louis for help but he just shrugged. Wow! thanks for the help Louis. "we're just checking up on you. that's all." Louis said. "guys! I'm fine really. I just needed a good cry. over nothing really. if their is anything I need I will let you guys know. and if their is anyone you should check on, its Harry. Not me." I stood up and walked over to Harry and sat down on his bed next to him. he looked at me and I looked him. we just stared at each other for a while. "heelllloooo?" Louis said I looked over at him as he and the guys were sitting down on the bed across for Harry's. I hadn't even realized they walked in. "ya?" I asked as I shifted my body so I was facing him. "are you guys just going to stare at each other or are we going to play a game?" Zayn said. "GAME TIME!" I yelled out loud and ran to the living room. I heard all the guys laugh at me then yelled "GAME TIME!" and mimicked my actions of running into the living room. we sat down in a circle on the floor. "what game?" I asked them. they all had a huge smirk plastered to their faces, even Harry. "how do you know what their thinking Harry?" I asked him "what? I don't know what their thinking. I just wanted to grin." I playfully rolled my eyes at him then said "what game?" Louis said "Truth or Dare"

"Zayn, truth or dare?" Louis said. Zayn replied "dare." "I dare you to wear a bra over your clothes for half an hour." we all burst out laughing."where is he going to get a bra?" I asked still laughing. all the guys looked at me. "no no no. Zayn you are not getting one of my bras." I said to them. "too late." Louis said as he grabbed one of my bras from behind his back. it was a black bra with lace all over it. "ohhhh. why would sweet, inicent Carter have something like this?" Zayn said teasingly. "oh shut it." I said. after Louis and Niall trying to put the bra on for 10 minutes, Harry stepped up and put it on him. "wow. Harry I had no idea you were that good at putting on bras." I teased him. "ha ha ha. very funny." he said back to me. "okay. Harry, truth or dare?" Zayn asked him. "dare" Harry replied. "okay. I dare you to make out with Carter." After the whole bra thing I wasn't really paying attention. "no way!" I told the guys. "You have to. its a dare and there is no way Harry can get out of this." Louis said with a smirk. "Liam. your reasonable." Liam laughed and shook his head at me. "no I'm not helping you on this one." ugggg! thanks Liam...NOT! "okay fine. lets get this over with." I told Harry. "but you have to make out, not just a kiss." Zayn so-helpfully-reminded us. "okay okay come on."

I got up and moved so I was sitting next to Harry. we faced each other. then we both started to lean in. I closed my eyes at the same time as Harry. Then...


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