{insert name here} chapter two

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chapt two
Gerards P.O.V

Its my first day here and I'm already being smashed to a pulp by jock dickheads. Well at least it's me getteing this and not Mikey.

After a few more blows I knew I wasn't going to last much longer now, I can tell just one more good solid blow and I'll be out for the count. I decided to do the best thing, just close my eyes and wait for the darkness to consume me at least for a little while. Then no more blows, no darkness swiftly taking me over so I done the only inteligible thing and opened my eyes, I saw a guy that would have definetly been smaller than me if I was standing up, he seamed to be standing up for me and fighting them, but why would someone do that for someone they don't know... Especialy if that some one was me.

Ok by now you might be wondering who I am, so I'll tell you a bit about me not every thing, just some of it so here it all goes... My name is Gerard Way, I've just been beaten up and its only my first day, all I said was "No my shoes are not pink, and nether are my laces, my shoes laces are fuisha." then I got beat up. I'm 16.5 years old, yes the 0.5 does matter, I like to draw all the time, non stop I have a brother called Mikey and right now I'm trying not to be to self negitive right now... It's  really, really hard I could just give up on it, ok so I'm ugly and I think I'm far too fat, but everyone thinks that I'm far too thin, I self harm, I'm suicidal and I kind of talk to mysef but mainly in my head though.
Then once all the jocks gave up after mister mysterios comes to my rescue, he turned arround and extended a hand to help me up from the cold ground, I took it and he pulled me up wow he is really strong and cute, WAIT, WHAT cute?

I know I'm maybe not the straightest guy but I'm not that gay, trust me, well at least I'm sure I'm not that gay.

He shocked me out of my thoughts by saying "guessing your new then?" "yeah, my names Gerard." "mine is Frank Iero... um you have blood on your face and shirt..." He replied then I got a good look at his face, he had blood on his too, better tell him... "ok thanks, um so do you, I just thought I'd let you know." He raised his had to his nose and then looked at his hand and seen the blood then he just smiled, he was obviosly in pain, but he seamed to, not quite enjoy it but he seemed to be happy or okay to be in that pain, did he self harm too? No he couldent he's to just not really self harm type or something like that. "Thanks for telling me, I have spair shirts and if you want you could borrow one cause of all the blood on that one." I debated the answer, well my time table said I have P.E last so I can ware my P.E shirt wash this one in the sink and then dry it, that plan sounds good enough to do "nah I'm fine I have my own plan." the bell stoped our conversation for a brief moment then frank said "ok, do you want to come to my locker with me then to the bathrooms to cleen ourselfs up, and dont worry you can get of with being late, cause your new." well at least I can get to know him and hope he wont hate me. "yeah sure, though I hope you didn't get hurt trying to help me, you really didn't need to you know?" I said as we started walking, then he replyed "Don't worry, I'm fine I've been beaten up worse before so I'm completly fine... My lockers right here." He said and stopped puting the key in the locker's key hole, then I said "Is your lockers number 667?" he looked at the number on the door and said "Yeah why?" YES!!! I have a Decent locker neighbour. "Oh cool we're locker neighbours, I've got 666." Then he instantly replyed "OH MY GOD I'VE WANTED THAT LOCKER SINCE FOREVER, YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!" wow he seams hyper "Wow someone is hyper... WOW, that is so much monster." I said with my eyes wide, "Yeah its my colection, you like it?" he said with a smirk "Yes a lot." then he gigled, his gigle is so, so cute, and I don't care how gay that sounds but it's true. Then he closed his locker holding a hair dryer and a t-shirt, wait a hair dryer? "Why do you have a hair dryer?" I asked rather confused "Oh yeah, to dry my t-shirt so its dry for P.E." I wonder if he has any of the same classes as me, or even in the same year as me. "Ok cool, mind if I use it too, I have P.E as well." As we started to head to the bathroom he replied "Sure, follow me, I know the best restroom in the school, no one goes there cause they all say it's haunted and some other stuff, and someone kinda died in here, well not exactly they died on the ride to the hospital but its close enough, but I'm not the bigest fan of talking about that." he said as tears welled up in his eyes then he just blinked them away and smiled. Then he stoped at a door and opened it for me, then I seen the blood stains on the wall and floor in the corner of the restroom, most people would be shocked or discusted, but the sight there reminded me of my room, the blood stains from the first time I cut too deep, the blood stains on the keybord of my laptop franticly typing on google to findout how to fix it, I found a first aid web page and from then on, if I cut too deep I would be compleatly fine then I got first aid courses and now I have enough qualifications to become a nurse, not like I'm going to, but for all the beatings and self harm I do and get its really good to know I can save me or Mikey from mum or dad if ether try to hurt us. Then sudenly I snaped back to reality with Frank waving one hand infroung of my face and the other knocking on my head and him saying repeatedly in a stuped voice "HELOO ANY ONE IN THERE." "Yeah sorry, just kinda was in a world of though there." I replyed "Ok but just to let you know that cause we both kinda need to clean the blood from our torsos and face that up seeing my torso might be... just not a nice sight." he said with his head bowed in shame I think... Oh shit I'm going to be topless in front of him, what about my bruses and scars and fresh cuts, well he did say his wasn't that good so maybe he wont like freak and hate me forever. "Don't worry mine is probably much worse." I said sympatheticly, he raised his head and nodded, we both walked over to the sinks and then we both took our tops off, then I saw what he meant, he had scars, cuts and bruses just like my own torso. Then he said "So what happened to you?" Shit what should I say... "I could say the same to you." I dident say it meanly, I said it in a friendly caring way, then I seen a panicked look on his face "No it's-I-never-can't-dident." The way he was reminded me of how I would have been if I was in his place. "Shh, shh it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you, you can tell me, I have the same cuts and bruses." By this point he was silently and lightly cring by now then he started to speak. "I'm sorry, I must look so pathetic by now, but is it ok if I kinda just wash up and get my shirt on and wash the other one and dry it, let you do the same and then I'll tell you everything, but you might need to first... I have kind of trust isues, only if thats ok?" "You're not pathetic and ok, I'll do the same and I'll tell you my stuff too ok" I said and he just smiled and nodded and then we started cleaning our selves up, he was trying to fix his nose but it must have been to sore to touch, I think it's broken, ok it's good I've took those first aid courses I can help him."I have first aid qualifications, I could fix your nose, I think its broke." "Ok sure, but if it hurts, I have a really loud scream, just warning you." I nodded yes and moves a step closer to try and fix it. "This might hurt." then before he could think or reply I reset it as fast as I could with a click. "No warning dude? Ugh that hurt." He said then touched his nose lightly. "Sorry its the best way to do it without any thing to numb it, but do you want a pain killer?" I appoligised and offered him a pain killer and took two for myself. "Yeah sure thanks." he said taking the pain killer and then we started washing the blood off of our selves, but what I have noticed is that Frank does have an amazing chest, like it's not to muscular but just the right ammount.

You are so definetly gay, and starting to crush on this guy you just met.
So what if I'm gay and I'm not crushing on him.
Wait you don't care if your gay, think on all the beatings you'd get but the thing is that you deserve it, you deserve all the beatings you get, fag.
You retard,we're sort of the same person, so if I'm gay so are you and if I get beat up then so do you.

By now we had finished washing up and puting our shirts on and washing and drying our bloody ones. "We better get to our classes, can I see your time table, we might have some of the same classes." he said with a glint of hope in his eyes.
 "Yeah sure." I smiled and pulled out the folded paper from my jeans pocket and handed it to him. "YES!!! We have all the same classes" He seemed really happy about it and so was I then he said "So I guess we're friends now?" Wow, I guess what he said was true, I've never really had a friend before exept Mikey but he's my brother "Yeah sure, I've never really had friends before." "Same here." He said, how could this kid not have friends, he's so likeable.

So by now we were well on our way to class "So you want to go in the class first." He asked.
"hell no." I replyed with a smirk.
"Ok I'll go in first then." with that he opened the door walked in and I followed behind into the chemistry class. Frank spoke to the teacher, telling a slightly twisted truth.

"Miss we ran into bother, and I got a broken nose and the new pupil Gerard Way, I got my noses blood on him so we both had to clean up." Then the teacher said "Ok Mr Iero, go to your seat, Gerard Way is it?" I nodded "Ok there's two seats you can choose from, theres one next to Sayday." Saysay looked like another one of those prep cheerleaders. "Or you can sit with Mr Iero." Well I know I'm not choosing the prep, I can tell you that for a starter then this teacher that in my opinion resembles a vulture said "You can sit next to ether but I can tell you that all of the boys would much rather sit next to a lovely girl like sayday." I thought about saying 'eww no chance.' but instead I went up the  back to sit next to Frank and then scrunched my face up a wee bit then the teacher went back to reading her magazine and the clas just went hectic.
"Hey new kid." Said a male voice, so I turned towards it then the guy that said it was obviosly a neandrathol jock continued talking "You should have took that seat next to Sayday cause one she is hawt two the fag your siting with might rape you or turn you into a fag as well. Oh and he blows everything he can up and sets like almost everything on fire too."(yes he did say hot as hawt) Then the neandrathol and all of his followers laughed, but I just turned back to franks and said, "Arse  holes."
"Yeah they all are, and its not really my fault I'm gay... Shit shouldent have said that, are you a homophobe too?" he asked, "I despise homophobes with a burning passion, so nah I'm not a homophobe oh and do you have a pyrotechnical tendancy too?" I said and offered a smile to him.
"Oh thank god, I was worried that you'd just be a homophobe like everyone else and yeah I like fire you?"
"Nah, homophobes are just such ignorant arse holes and yeah I like fire too." I replyed
"Ok... So were did you get your cuts and bruses and scars from?" He said trying to ease into that conversation, god what do I say, what if he hates me. "Um some of the scars are from abuse by others and same with the bruses." I said suddenly finding something interesting about the desk.
"what about the other scars and cuts? don't worry you can tell me anything, I won't judge you." I sighed and said "Ok, I cut and burn myself... What about your cuts, scars and bruses?" I asked.
"Well actually it's the same as you." He answered meeting my eyes. His eyes are gourgus, ok I really don't think I'm streight anymore, that's for sure. Then the bell rang.

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