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Okay so I legit write this A LOOONGGG time ago sorry it sucks (lmao)

You could hear some voices in your head. They're screaming. Screaming and begging you to wake up. Your head hurts, just like your whole body. You could feel how each members were in  pain. There was a light, beside all the darkness and you ran to it.

You woke up, laying over sand. You tried your best to see where you were. You look around, and you saw a beautiful beach in a strange, yet big island. You stand up, and felt uncomfortable, wearing a little white dress. Everyone could've seen your small imperfection that covered your skin.

You felt like your biggest secret was at the view of everyone. You heard some voices coming from a lot of boys. You ran away from them.Tears were streaming down your cheeks. You were afraid plus, you didn't knew why you were there, and you were lost.

When the voices disappeared, you walked near the rocks, with strange girls were playing with their hairs.

-E-excuse me,you said with a little voice. They looked at you with pity. They seemed afraid at first, but they told you then to come closer.

-We are mermaids,they told you, caressing your hair. You treated the mermaids like your sisters. They braided your beautiful h/c, everyday, keeping you away from the thoughts of making yourself disappear.The mermaids kept telling you stories about a certain "Peter Pan".

Sirena told you he was evil, and that it was his island.

-Don't get closer to him, she told you while you nodded in agreement. You noticed that in that island you actually didn't grew up.You change your outfit, the dress getting ripped out each time you were climbing and jumping trees by trees. You wore something simple. Brown shorts, and a green tank top. One day, you were walking over the beach, just like everyday but someone saw you.

-Wait! I don't want to hurt you! he said with a gentle smile.

He looked at you up and down, confuse about your feminine form then quickly apologized.

-I can help you.. My name is Felix, he said trying to walk by you.

-Don't get closer to me, you said coldly and walking back wards. You took out your two knifes.

-You must follow me if you want to stay here, Felix said. You didn't actually knew why you followed him. But you did.

Many others boys appeared. They seemed afraid because of you being a girl  but some were smiling at you. Your eyes hurted for a moment You didn't actually knew why, but your eyes would change in relation of your emotions. The mermaids told you that sometime, but you didn't really believe them. They were mermaids after all.

-Peter... Can I talk to you..? said Felix.

Peter.... Peter..?

You repeat to yourself before gasping. Peter Pan.

Stay away from him!

You could give him a chance.You didn't even knew him. The presumed «Peter Pan» got out of the tent. He was a tall teenager boy. He looked 18, with emerald green eyes and brown hair. He was handsome. I mean really handsome.

-Something wrong Felix? he asked crossing his arms over his chest. You hided behind a tree, slightly afraid.

-Pan,I don't want to get you mad but I found someone on the beach. It's a girl, finished Felix scratching the back of his head. Peter didn't reacted well.

-Where is she? Didn't you understood what I told you? Girls bring problems! He said angry.

How unfair, you said to yourself. You felt sad. You wanted to cry, but not of sadness. More of frustration. He was already judging you. The mermaids were right. He really is mean.

-I brought her here because I thought you wanted to see her, continued Felix backing up.

-What? Peter said, his eyes getting darker.

-Don't hurt him. I can leave if you wish, you said taking your courage and facing him. You stare at him, trying to read in his mind. His expression strangely change when he saw you. It wasn't anger anymore.

-What is your name? he asked trying to hide is change of mood.

-My.. Name? you repeat. That was an excellent question. You never really had a name. The mermaids called you "Y/n" but you didn't know it was an actually name.

-Y/n, you answered carefully. He chuckled to himself.

-That can't be a name. It doesn't even mean something, he said laughing at you.

-It does! You said angry. That boy was sure getting on your nerves. Sirena calls me that way, you continued then it hit you. The mermaids. You forgot them.

-You're friends with the mermaids? What a joke, one of the boys said making the others laugh. You didn't respond anything, but just turn back at them. You needed to find Sirena.

-Hey! Don't ignore us, a tall blond said blocking your way.

-Don't touch me, you said taking your blades and pushing him away from you a little too far. The boys started to scream, and you just ran away. You ran to the rocks, where usually the mermaids waited for you each nights. But they're weren't there.

-You can't ran away from me you know,said Peter behind you.

You turned around, to see him stand right in front of you. He was close to your face. Too close. You couldn't step back or else you felled to your death.

-Don't be afraid, he said with a gentle voice. They won't hurt you until I tell them, he said. You swallow your saliva loudly.

You try to past by Peter, but he didn't move. He was just like a wall. He rolled his arms around your waist, and pulled you even closer then you actually were. You felt is breath all over your lips. Suddenly, your back slammed against a rock, and you tried your best to not scream.It really hurted.

You tried to call your friend as you felt Peter's lips nibbling against your neck.

-The mermaids hates me.I might not be the monster they describe me as,he purred while kissing your neck.

You enjoyed that moment. It felt good but terribly wrong.

Peter's lips brought you comfort.He gently kissed you, not rushing of trying to push you to go further.

The kiss heat up, and you slide you hand beneath his shirt. Caressing his abs, Peter jerked your hands away and putted them on both side of your head. Felix walked by suddenly.

-Peter! He said loudly and going by the cliff. Peter looked at you in the eyes and putted a finger over his lips, telling you to be quiet. You nodded, but he simply went back to your neck. Bastard, you thought to yourself while he left love bites all over your neck, causing you to moan quietly.

-I'll be back.. Just remember it, Peter said before vanishing.

It was the first night you spend without the mermaids. When the sun appeared, Sirena found you laying over the beach again, just like the first time you arrived.

-What is this?! Sirena screamed pointing at the hickeys. Y/n don't get closer to anyone! Everybody here is dangerous I'm telling you! She said with a sad look.

-I tried.. you said. But.. But he is something, you finish looking down.

-Promise me you won't try to find that "him",you crossed your fingers and looked at her.

-I promise,you lie as Sirena disappeared back in the water. You started to walked in the forest, trying to find some food. You felt Peter's aroma behind you.

-It's bad to lie Y/n, he said biting the lobe of your ear, then kissing your neck again.

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