Part 85 - Monogamy

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'I knew I shouldn't have trusted you! You said you'd bring me back to Alexandria when they took me and my son. You promised me!' My whole body shook in anger, my child, my baby boy was being kept away from me. My heart broke, hearing his cries for me in the night. He was used as a bargaining chip to keep me here. He smirked, and circled me like a predator stalking the injured prey it had tried to hard to take down the first strike, but relished the thought of attacking once more. He crouched down to my level, he was enjoying this. His arm extended to meet me face, brushing a strand of hair away from my hair. "See, I want you to get out of this cell, I want you to understand why you're here. You had no where to go and I took you in. Where's the gratitude? I give your baby a bed. No... a home, and you turn... nasty." He caressed the long, thin, wooden death trap of a bat as he spoke slyly.
"I didn't want your help, I've been out there longer then you could imagine, the things I've seen... you take me in and expect something from me?" I spat back, I didn't want to hear his lies, because I wasn't going to let them poison me.
"Look just between us girls? I saw you, you looked gorgeous, and figured I could make you one of my wives, so I took you... Because you see, I always get what I want" he stopped smirking, inhaled and sighed. "But if you don't want that, you can just stay in here for a few days and not see your boy, I have a few friends he can play with if he gets lonely" he replied before getting up to leave.
What did he mean friends? No one is touching my baby! "Wait.wait.wait!" I went to grab at him across the cold stone floor, but he turned around before I could touch him "Sorry did you say something?" He replied sarcasticly. "I'll do what ever you want... I just want my baby... I'll do whatever you want me to do, I just want to see him" I felt defeated, especially when his enormous smirk snaked it's way across his face. "Well ain't that swell baby girl... get this woman her baby, oh and something pretty to wear, there's gonna be a wedding tonight!" He shouted to someone outside of my cell, I didn't get a glimpse of their face I just heard footsteps dissapear down the hall.
I need to do what he says, I'll get away one way or another, I just need my baby. 

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